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Inbound Marketing is More Than Just Business Blogging

Posted by LeadG2

February 24, 2017

Business blogging is a great tool that companies can use to demonstrate thought leadership and communicate their level of expertise. It’s an ideal way to attract prospects who are trying to decide what company to hire, because it helps to build trust even before the first conversation happens.

But although blogging is great, the real power comes when it’s integrated into an inbound marketing system. What if you were able to capture the contact information of the people visiting your blog? What if you were able to learn exactly what these people are interested in, so you would know what to write about? What if you had a way to lead them from reading your blog to making a purchase? Inbound marketing can do all these things.

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Topics: inbound marketing, blog strategy, lauramacpherson

Inbound Marketing Commandment #9: Thou Shall Not Publish Garbage

Posted by LeadG2

November 28, 2016


As part of the LeadG2 series on "The 10 Commandments of Inbound Marketing," this post looks at the ninth of The 10 Commandments of Inbound Marketing is: "Thou shall not publish content for the sake of Google. Write for humans not Google." (Tweet This)

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Topics: SEO, inbound marketing, brianhasenbauer, blog strategy, media, professional services

5 Types of Blog Posts That Will Help You Attract More Visitors and Convert More Leads

Posted by Dani Buckley

June 10, 2016

When it comes to blogging as part of your inbound marketing strategy, the world really is your oyster. I don’t ever like to say there is one type of post or content that is better than another. I personally believe, as with many aspects of marketing, it’s all about creating something of value and doing lots of testing, trial and error, and optimization. You’ll never know if one kind of blog post will work with your target persona unless you try—so why not mix it up?

To help you get the inspiration flowing, I’ve outlined five different types of blog posts that every writer and marketer should explore. These are some of the most common, and are proven to work. So, if you find yourself constantly sticking to one kind of blog post, review this list and give another one a shot. You might be surprised at the response you get!

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Topics: danibuckley, blog strategy, media, professional services

Your Website is Live — Now What?

Posted by LeadG2

December 9, 2015

Over the past few months I've been working with a client to help them migrate hundreds of pages of content from their old website to a new one, as well as writing an equal amount of blog posts promoting the excellent content they have on their site. It's been quite an endeavor and we are almost to the goal line—the go live date!

On a recent call, I asked, "Do you have a plan for after the website is launched?" This question seemed a surprise to them.  Because the website in question is a very complex and robust website, I can understand that their minds and labors have been so focused singularly on getting the website up and running that they were not able to focus past their go live date. This is a very common situation when launching a new website or migrating from an old one.

My suggestion was that they put together a promotions plan for announcing the new website to their customers, prospects, and the industry in general. The following are the recommendations that I provided, which you can use for promoting your new website.

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Topics: websites, promotion, blog strategy

6 Ingredients to Put Your Summer Marketing on Autopilot

Posted by LeadG2

May 20, 2015

Did you know that 75% of American workers don't take all of their paid vacation days each year? It's true. Only 25% of workers took all of their paid days off in 2014. We don't want that to be your experience in 2015. To help ensure you can take your full vacation without worrying about how your campaigns are performing, we put together 6 ingredients needed to put your summer marketing on autopilot. 

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Topics: blogging best practices, blog strategy

3 Things Every Media Company Needs to Do in 2015

Posted by Dani Buckley

February 4, 2015

I’ve been working in the media industry for almost 10 years now. I started in radio working in both promotions and marketing, then moved into sales where I really began understanding the business of media.

Now, at LeadG2, I get to work closely with a variety of media companies across the US helping them take their B2B marketing to a whole new level. What I love about working with these clients is that they are the brightest, most innovative sales organizations in the media industry. They are ahead of their peers when it comes to transitioning from “the way things have always been done” to really understanding the changes in the consumer path for advertisers and marketers.

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Topics: danibuckley, blog strategy, media

7 Decisions to Make Before Starting Inbound Marketing

Posted by Brittany Ransonet

November 14, 2014

It’s no secret that inbound marketing is a very demanding initiative. Fortunately, it’s also very rewarding and leads to new business, when done correctly. However, if executed poorly, it can be a detrimental waste of time. Getting started the right way is imperative to your inbound marketing success.

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Topics: inbound marketing, blog strategy

How to Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted by LeadG2

November 7, 2014

As inbound marketing consultants, we regularly recommend to our clients that if they find an article that would be appealing to their target persona that they write a blog about it and share their opinions in order to shed some light on the topic. We like to take our own recommendations and put them to practice here at LeadG2 so here it goes.

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Topics: inbound marketing, blog strategy

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