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3 Ways Inbound Marketing Improves Sales Performance

Posted by LeadG2

February 22, 2016

As an Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant, I spend several hours a day on the phone with clients reviewing sales performance metrics and providing them with recommendations on how they can generate more leads, increase revenue, and close more business. When clients start implementing inbound marketing, they see clearly how inbound marketing improves sales performance.

However, when discussing how inbound marketing improves sales performance with prospects and those not currently using inbound marketing, there is often confusion as to how it directly impacts sales performance. This is a really important question to answer, because without fully understanding some of the ways that inbound marketing improves sales performance, companies might not invest (or not invest enough) in inbound marketing. 

Hopefully after you read this blog post, you won’t have any confusion about how inbound marketing contributes to the performance of sales organizations, and you'll be motivated to start an inbound marketing program at your own company. Here are the three top ways that inbound inproves sales performance.

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Topics: inbound marketing, media, sales cycle

7 Step Lead Generation Process — Step 6: Cultivate

Posted by LeadG2

November 6, 2015


When LeadG2 first started marketing to prospects, one of the things that immediately resonated with companies was the fact that we had a detailed process that outlined specifically how we achieve success for our clients.

As lead generation experts, we firmly believe that developing and implementing a lead generation strategy is not just something that happens magically—it relies on having a consistent process that can be repeated time and time again. Don't get me wrong, this is not a cookie cutter approach to lead generation. The 7 Step Lead Generation Process is a starting point for all of our conversations while we are planning each client’s strategy. 

Several of our clients have mentioned to us that they felt more at ease knowing a sound strategy was in place rather than us just winging it. It’s best for everyone when there is a documented process that can be referred to. This is also a large part of our educational efforts with our clients as we guide them through how to conduct their first lead generation campaigns.

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Topics: lead nurturing, lead generation, inbound marketing, sales cycle

The Gap That Prevents Most Salespeople From Selling More

Posted by Jim Hopes

November 4, 2015

Most salespeople are pretty good at selling their products and services. They are usually proficient on sales calls—engaging prospects, discovering underlying needs they can address, and suggesting ideas and solutions that could improve a customer’s business. Companies invest significant dollars in training and systems to help their salespeople move the sales process ahead in a professional manner (and the should). But, there is one part of the sales sequence that often prevents salespeople from delivering their quotas, and that is the ability to get an appointment with a key decision maker in the first place. You’ve heard it said about many aspects of life that being there is the most important thing. That certainly applies to selling. 

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Topics: inbound marketing, Sales, sales cycle

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