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3 Ideas to Get Your Sales Team Contributing to Your Blog [VIDEO]

Posted by Dean Moothart

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May 3, 2019

Salespeople can be great sources of blog content. They engage with prospects and the market everyday. They're hearing questions and overcoming objections, and their responses to these questions and objections are great content for blog articles because this is what your prospects want to know, read, and learn.

THE CHALLENGE: How do you get your salespeople to get the info out of their heads and into the blog? How do you get your salespeople sit down and write?


3 Ideas to Get Your Sales Team Contributing to Your Blog

1. Assign Leads that are Generated From Inbound and Content Marketing Activities Based on Who's Contributing to the Blog

If you write blog articles that are published, you get leads. If you don't, then you won't. It's that simple. I guarantee if one seller isn't getting leads and their associate is because they're writing articles and I'm not, that behavior might change quickly.

2. Make it a Common Expectation of the Job

"If you work here, part of the job description is that you contribute to the blog." Assign topics, and hold people accountable.

3. Lead by Example

If the above ideas are going to work, it's critical that the sales leadership, and even the organization's leadership, plays by the same roles. The CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Sales Managers, etc., all need to contribute to the blog. Everyone needs to see it as a common expectation starting at the top.

There are many reasons your sales team should be contributing to your blog. Not only is it a valuable thought leadership tool that can help to build trust with prospects, your blog content can also serve as a great sales tactic along with the inbound marketing and content marketing strategy it was intended for. It supports sales’ objectives when your prospects and customers view it has a resource to stay informed. Further, your sales team can use content from the blog to help educate and nurture their prospects. 

Encourage your sales team to take advantage of this invaluable resource and start contributing to your blog.

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Topics: blog strategy, sales and marketing alignment

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