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Why Segmenting Your Audience is Crucial to Staffing & Recruiting Firms

Posted by LeadG2

May 31, 2018

One of the challenges that exist with staffing agency marketing is that staffing and recruiting agencies exist to serve two masters: the hiring manager of the firm they are filling the job order for and, of course, the candidate. When developing an inbound marketing strategy or content marketing program designed to generate new business for a staffing agency, it’s important to keep these two distinct target personas in mind with everything you do.

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5 Ways Staffing Firms Can Use Inbound Marketing to Increase Revenue

Posted by Dean Moothart

May 1, 2018

These days, even though there is a pervasive use of social media to identify and recruit prospective job candidates, there are few firms leveraging social media to attract hiring managers. Here are five ways to increase revenue for your business with inbound marketing best practices and strategies.

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Topics: deanmoothart, inbound marketing for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

Leveraging Your Current and Past Client’s Testimonials to Gain More Potential Candidates for Your Staffing Agency

Posted by LeadG2

April 24, 2018

One of the more complex factors when marketing a staffing agency is that your potential “buyer” is both employer and candidate facing. Both audiences require separate content, separate marketing workflows, and extremely different sales messages. 

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Topics: inbound marketing for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing, marketing strategies for a staffing agency, content marketing for a staffing agency

How Staffing & Recruiting Firms Will See Dramatic Gains in 2017 Marketing and Sales Results

Posted by LeadG2

November 2, 2016

Learning from High Growth / High Performance Firms

The lifeblood of any staffing agency or recruiting firm is acquiring new business while retaining current clients and referral relationships.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, over the past 20 years, the staffing sector has more than doubled in size, reaching over $130B in gross revenues (in just the US). The American Staffing Association tells us that this growth is being served by about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies—up from an estimated 14,000 in 2006—which all together operate around 39,000 offices. 

Yet, with all of this growth and opportunity, industry surveys like that conducted for LinkedIn tell us that securing new clients is priority #1. 

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Topics: staffing+recruiting agencies, alanvitberg, professional services marketing, inbound marketing for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

What ROI Should Executive Recruiting Firms and Staffing Agencies Expect from Blogging?

Posted by LeadG2

August 10, 2016

The Marketing Opportunity is HUGE, but Best Blogging Practices are Few and Far Between

In some research that we did to gauge the digital marketing footprint of the top 20 executive recruiting firms and top 20 staffing agencies, we were more than a bit surprised to uncover the fact that we could only identify 10 of these top 40 firms using blogging as part of their staffing agency marketing strategy, despite an overwhelming amount of research and data like that from HubSpot and CMI that firmly establish the benefit and ROI of blogging, as well as the use of blogging in the B2B content marketing universe.

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Topics: alanvitberg, professional services, blogging, inbound marketing for a staffing agency, staffing agency marketing

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