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6 Important Steps to Add to Your Blog Process to Get Better Results [VIDEO]

Posted by Shaye Smith

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May 17, 2019

I hear a lot of people in marketing and business development that tell me that they "blog." But I want to know what they are doing with their blog... are they getting results from their blog or just wasting time to say they "blog" with no proof of success? Do they even know? Or... do they even want to know?


This is many people's blogging process:

  • Find some keywords (maybe)
  • Put some words in some paragraphs
  • Stuff some keywords into the text (maybe)
  • Find a decent image
  • Publish

...And then what? What's the blog doing? Do they know? I don't think so. Do they want to know? I don't think so.

6 Important Steps to Add to Your Blog Process to Get Better Results 

If you want to see results from your blogging efforts, there are many steps that are vital to setting you up for success. These should happen before you start spending time on actually creating the content for your blog so you can ensure your time and efforts are effective in helping you drive traffic and convert qualified leads.

  1. Research keywords and key phrases
  2. Understand how the keywords relate to your target persona
  3. Define your target persona
  4. Understand your target persona's buyer's journey
  5. Be clear on the content your target persona wants at each phase of their buyer's journey
  6. Map your content to fit to your target persona's buyer's journey. 

If you're leaving these steps out of your blogging process and content marketing strategy, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on your blogging efforts to drive more traffic and convert more qualified leads from your company's blog.

Don't waste time 'blogging' just to say that you 'blog' because you heard someone at some point say you need to do it for your company. Dig in and take the time to build a foundation that you can set the rest of your content strategy on moving forward.


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