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How To Embed Personalized Video Into Your Hubspot Sales Emails

Posted by Shaye Smith

November 15, 2018

Recently, I shared a post explaining how to send videos via email. Due to spam, security, and email hosting features, many email clients do not allow video embeds directly into emails, so with a few easy steps, marketers and salespeople can send video via email, just not with an actual embed. If you are a Hubspot Sales user at the Professional or Enterprise level, I have good news! Not long ago, Hubspot announced a feature that enables salespeople (or any Hubspot user communicating with a contact through the CRM) to embed videos directly into their 1:1 emails! 

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Topics: video, sales strategy, marketing strategy, prospecting, account based marketing

Should Your Staffing Agency Be Doing Account Based Marketing?

Posted by LeadG2

December 26, 2017

The Time May be Right to Move (Way, Way, Way) Beyond Telemarketing and Cold Calling

Traditionally, when the term “account based marketing” was being discussed as a new business tactic by staffing agencies, it referred to cold calling or telemarketing to 50 or a hundred companies that the agency wanted as customers because the prospect fit a profile that ranged from size to the types of staff that they might use.

If you happen to be at the right place at the right time when that ideal prospect has a need you can fill, then this can be a pretty effective tactic.

But it’s “old school.”

It requires you to pound the phones or flood the prospect with emails or mailed sales collateral, and frankly, it’s not a particularly customer friendly way to build a long term relationship. 

Today, account based marketing is built on new approaches, thinking, and technology that are designed to build friendly, long term relationships that produce a win-win for both the staffing agency and the customer.

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Topics: staffing+recruiting agencies, account based marketing

Why Account Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing Just Make Sense Together

Posted by Dani Buckley

April 26, 2017

It’s likely that you know at least a little bit about each of these methodologies, but let’s start by taking a closer look at what the difference is between each before diving into how well they can work together.

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Topics: inbound marketing, danibuckley, account based marketing

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