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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Lead Generation Toolbox?

Posted by LeadG2

June 8, 2016

This past weekend, I received some really bad news: my 2006 Jeep needed a new alternator and radiator. This past weekend I received some really bad news: my 2006 Jeep needed a new alternator and radiator. With 120,000+ miles on the odometer, that was to be expected, and I figured it was something that needed to be done. As someone who likes to work on cars and other mechanical things, I told myself that it was probably something I could do myself. After all, I have a pretty nice set of socket wrenches, screwdrivers, and a few other tools in my garage. How hard could it be? But I found out quickly that it wasn't as simple as it seemed—because I didn't have the tools for the job.

Just as I initially thought that I had the right tools to change my own alternator and radiator, many marketers and sales managers believe they have the right tools and marketing strategies for generating leads and obtaining new customers. Often, these tools are no more than a large team of salespeople that, by brute force, prospect and generate new leads using sales tools from 1990 such as cold calling, fish bowls, mass direct mail, and untargeted ads. If this sounds like your sales team or organization, it might be time to upgrade your lead generation toolbox with some new tools. Trust me, it’s much easier to accomplish any task when you have the right tools.

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How to Build a Sales Funnel with Marketing Automation

Posted by Guest Blogger

June 3, 2016


Today we have a guest post by Amber Racer. As Senior Copywriter at Revital, Amber crafts content copy with passion. She writes words that reach across the online channels and speak to each client’s industry and audience.

Marketing automation is about to make your life easy. Online sales are down or could be improved, so what do you do? When it comes to capturing leads at any hour of the day, there’s no better way than setting up a marketing automation system with your online pages.

First, familiarize yourself with various web tools by comparing the best marketing automation platforms. Marketing automation gives you the freedom to automate responses and match responses with the actions customers take on your website instantly.

One way to go about doing this is to start by forming content around your pages and promoting offers that your customers can sign up to receive. This initiates the sales funnel for customers who have visited your website by responding to your call to action. Once customers make it to your website, it’s your job to pull them in with an offer. If they’re not immediately ready to buy your products or services, marketing automation provides a means to nurture leads.

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Topics: inbound marketing, media, marketing automation, professional services

HubSpot Receives Highest Rank from G2 Crowd

Posted by LeadG2

July 10, 2015

G2 Crowd, an industry-leading business software review platform, just released a report on marketing automation software. The organization gathered over 2,700 reviews on 23 different software programs, and ranked them by customer satisfaction and market presence.

Guess which software received the highest rank? Yup, HubSpot! And we agree.

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Topics: marketing automation, HubSpot, lauramacpherson

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