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Maryanne McWhirter

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5 Tips to Improve the Close Rate of Your PEO's Sales Team

Posted by Maryanne McWhirter

May 11, 2020

PEO sales provides a fruitful career path for the professional willing to put in the work. So, why are the close rates just not consistently there? 

If you’re finding yourself asking questions like, “Did I hire the wrong person, or are Professional Employer Organizations’ products too complicated to sell?” Then you’re asking the wrong questions! What you should be asking is, “How can I improve my sales team’s close rate?” Below are five answers for ways you can help your sales team close new business.

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Topics: employee retention, PEO Marketing

4 Ways to Start Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted by Maryanne McWhirter

February 19, 2020

79% of the United States population has a social media profile. "Our industry doesn't use social media" is no longer an excuse. If 79% of the population is on social media connecting with others, do you want your business to be there?

Simply being present and intentionally representing your brand, on a platform in which 79% of the population lives, is beneficial. A strategic social media marketing strategy can also play a major role in the success of your inbound marketing strategy.

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Topics: Social Media, inbound marketing, marketing strategy

I Think My Website is OK, But How Do I Know for Sure?

Posted by Maryanne McWhirter

April 24, 2019

We hear this a LOT. You regularly look at your website. You know how to navigate it. You update it when information changes or needs updating, but is it actually effective? Is your website doing its job? Does it represent your brand? Is it converting? What traffic are you seeing? What ROI are you seeing?

These are questions you should be asking to determine the effectiveness of your website. It’s time to stop thinking of how you see your website and time to start thinking of how your prospects experience your website. 

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Topics: inbound marketing, marketing strategy, website

Why Your Marketing Director Will Love Us

Posted by Maryanne McWhirter

March 7, 2019

Occasionally we get the question, "Well, why do we need an inbound marketing agency if we have an in-house marketing department?" Good question. 

Inbound marketing agencies should not be competing with marketing departments; they should be partnering with them. This is how we do business differently at LeadG2. In fact, marketing and sales directors love us! We are an extension and an arm of their in-house marketing team that allows us to focus on areas we are experts in, and allows the marketing team to complete other vital marketing tasks. 

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Topics: inbound marketing, HubSpot, Hiring an Agency

4 Easy Steps to Rework Your Historical Content to Attract New (Qualified) Leads

Posted by Maryanne McWhirter

October 25, 2018

Have you been churning out quality content for years for your business and industry? Does traffic to your blog still come from old posts? Are ebooks published three years ago still converting? You're not alone.

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Topics: content marketing, premium content, content strategy, lead generation, inbound marketing

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