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Marketing Software is a Tool Not a Solution

Posted by Dean Moothart

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May 29, 2019

Over the last several years, many organizations have purchased marketing automation software technology, hoping this would be the answer to a lot of their marketing problems. They knew they needed to do something different to build a more sustainable sales pipeline and help qualify more sales leads. And they knew that technology could potentially be the answer. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations woke up six months later and were really frustrated.


Down the road, they discovered this marketing automation technology is really not the solution to their problems at all. What they realized, maybe a little too late, is that the software was simply a tool. Simply a way to help solve their problems. But it was NOT the solution. 

download the inbound marketing strategy checklistFor example, if you were to ask me to build you a house, and you gave me all of the tools and resources required to build a house, I can guarantee two things:

1. You'd be disappointed in how long it took me to build the house for you.
2. What the final product ended up looking like. 

Marketing Automation is a Tool Not a Solution

So, why would this be the result that would lead to terrible disappointment?

1. I lack the time to work on the house - I'd only be able to work on it nights and weekends.
2. I lack the skills - my dad was a great carpenter and could fix anything, but it skipped a generation, and I don't have those skills. 

Same thing with marketing strategy. You can have all of the right tools and resources, but if you lack the time and skillset to execute the strategy, you're going to be disappointed. 

While marketing automation technology is a powerful tool and something I fully believe in, it's vital that you remember that you'll need time and skill set on your team to ensure it's helping aide and impact you're marketing strategy, and not just a waste of your investment that's just sitting around and not working for you. 

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