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Enthusiastic. Dedicated. Driven.


Maryanne McWhirter | Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant

A couple of fun facts about me:

  • My husband wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback and I wanted a Great Dane, so we compromised and got a 15-pound Cockapoo. We could not be more obsessed. Her name is Etta, and she has her own Instagram account.

  • I am an Auburn University graduate and avid fan. WAR EAGLE!
  • I have never considered myself a “runner,” but am extremely goal-oriented. I have run 3 half-marathons and a 10-mile race recently.

Notes about my expertise in inbound marketing:

  • I have a background in marketing and sales, and I enjoy the challenge of aligning the two to work together through inbound marketing to generate leads for clients.

  • I am a lifelong learner. I enjoy problem solving and being challenged to create new ways of doing things. I love teaching what I have learned to others and helping clients grow.

  • As a sales and marketing specialist, I thrive on creating and implementing strategy to drive results. It is exciting for me to collaborate with a team and work hard to produce results.

Connect with Maryanne: