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How One Small Change Resulted in 294 Leads

Posted by Brian Hasenbauer

February 3, 2017

As an inbound marketing and sales consultant, each day I have the opportunity to work with clients to make recommendations that help them improve their conversion rates and generate additional leads. It’s difficult to not get excited about how helpful this can be to clients since it directly impacts their revenue and is proof that the recommendations I make are truly working. Most of the recommendations that I make for clients work across industries and, for the most part, can be used by other companies to replicate the same success. This is one of the reasons I enjoy writing about the recommendations that are implemented and produce amazing results.  

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The Inbound Marketing Process that Produces Sales Results

Posted by Matt Sunshine

January 6, 2017

Many books and articles have been written on why inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract prospects. It all makes perfect sense that you would want to put your business in the position to be the thought leader in your category, and at the same time give those same prospects an opportunity to raise their hand and let you know that they are interested. This concept is really catching on and smart business leaders are starting to take notice.

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Inbound Marketing Commandment #7: Thou Shalt Create Lead Generation Materials

Posted by Brian Hasenbauer

November 14, 2016

As part of the LeadG2 series on "The 10 Commandments of Inbound Marketing" we're looking at each of these ten commandments and the importance of each one. The seventh of "The 10 Commandments of Inbound Marketing" is: You must have premium content (white papers, guides etc) on your website if you intend to generate leads. (Tweet This)

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Topics: premium content, lead generation, brianhasenbauer, media, professional services

How to Improve Your Inbound Marketing ROI by Educating Your Salespeople (and Our Course to Help!)

Posted by Dani Buckley

November 10, 2016

The most important role I have as a Consultant at LeadG2 is helping ensure my clients see ROI from their inbound marketing investments. However, as with all marketing investments, there are many variables that can get in the way of this. It's our job, as leaders in this industry, to figure out how to work around those obstacles and still ensure success. 

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing, danibuckley, sales and marketing alignment, inbound sales

How to Fire Up Your Creativity for a World Class Content Marketing Program

Posted by Alan Vitberg

October 19, 2016

6 Sparks That Will Fire Up Your Imagination

Every year, the Content Marketing Institute publishes their B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends— North America report.

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Topics: lead generation, media, alanvitberg, professional services

Not All Leads Are Created Equal – Properly Classifying MQLs and SQLs Will Improve Results

Posted by Dean Moothart

September 2, 2016

The objective of all marketing strategies should be to generate revenue. The first step in generating revenue is generating leads. However, marketing teams shouldn’t rest easy because they’re generating hundreds or even thousands of leads—because not all leads are created equal.

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing, Sales, media, deanmoothart, professional services

Inbound Marketing: Do-it-Yourself? Or hire an expert?

Posted by Matt Sunshine

June 6, 2016

Note: This post first appeared on The Center for Sales Strategy blog.

If you are like the best companies out there, you have decided that your business would benefit from a strong inbound marketing initiative, and you’re probably right. Sticking your highly-paid salespeople behind their desks to make cold calls is way too expensive. And you know you could get a much better ROI with a strong inbound marketing initiative that generates quality leads. 

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Topics: internet marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, Sales

6 Elements to Add to Your Company Website to Generate More Leads

Posted by Laura MacPherson

May 25, 2016

A recent study by Google shows that 89% of B2B buyers use the Internet during the research process. Whether you get a call from these prospects or whether your competition does instead will depend on how well your website does its job. Here are six elements you can add to your site to generate more leads.

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Topics: lead generation, websites, lauramacpherson, professional services

Who's In Charge Of Lead Generation?

Posted by Matt Sunshine

May 9, 2016

I’ve recently learned that nothing makes a room fall silent more quickly than asking a group of sales managers, “Who here is in charge of lead generation?” Typically, the person in charge of lead generation is the same person who is in charge of setting appointments, finding needs, coming up with solutions, building proposals, making presentations, getting the contracts signed, ensuring that the contracts are fulfilled, and picking up the checks: the salesperson. 

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Topics: lead generation, mattsunshine, media, professional services

How Not to Fail at Inbound Marketing: Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Posted by Dani Buckley

April 25, 2016

Note: This post first appeared on The Center for Sales Strategy blog.


Just the other day I was talking with one of our inbound marketing clients and they asked me the question, “What do I really need to know in order to not fail at inbound marketing?” I immediately thought this was a fantastic question. After a long discussion about the importance of internal buy-in, setting clear expectations, ways to motivate writers, and many other important do’s and don’ts… it dawned on me that while these are conversations we have with all of our clients, it’s just as important of a conversation for anyone thinking about launching an inbound lead generation program.   

While the benefits of being a thought leader and the value of generating new leads and new sources of revenue are increasingly more appealing (and necessary) than ever before, the unfortunate truth is that inbound marketing might not be for everyone. Sure, anyone could start a blog – but ask any online content marketer and they’ll tell you it takes much more work than just publishing articles. 

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Topics: content marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, danibuckley, media, professional services

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