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Ross Raffin

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6 Ways PEOs Can Gain Their Lead's Trust

Posted by Ross Raffin

March 25, 2020

“The decision to move forward with a PEO was almost always based on a trust that the PEO would handle the [HR] functions with the same care and investment as the business owner.” —NAPEO’s “PEO Market Research” April 2018

In NAPEO’s research, they found that once prospects can answer the question “what the heck is a PEO?,” a large fraction (67%) of prospects that previously described themselves as “somewhat interested” in partnering with a PEO become “very interested” in partnering with a PEO.

But that isn’t enough to turn a prospect into a lead, much less turn a lead into a customer. Perhaps the most important finding from their market research report regards those who almost become PEO clients. They received a formal proposal from a PEO yet did not move forward. Why?

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Topics: inbound marketing, PEO Marketing

6 Barriers to Lead Generation for Professional Employer Organizations

Posted by Ross Raffin

March 9, 2020

Too many Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are ignoring the obstacles to lead generation and turning conversions into customers. The primary cause? PEOs are treating their lead generation process as though it were no different from lead generation for other industries such as legal and medical.

This is understandable; besides the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEOs), educational material online and offline does not address the unique challenges that come with marketing a PEO. But thanks to NAPEOs April 2018 market research paper, we now have a roadmap that clearly points out the barriers to obtaining new PEO prospects and moving them down the sales funnel.

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Topics: lead generation, PEO Marketing

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