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What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Posted by Guest Blogger

August 22, 2016

Today we have a guest post from Max Emelianov. Max started HostForWeb in 2001. In his role as HostForWeb’s CEO, he focuses on teamwork and providing the best support for his customers while delivering cutting-edge web hosting services. 

First impressions are everything, especially online. But is your website making the right one for your brand?

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Topics: professional branding, websites

How to Build a Sales Funnel with Marketing Automation

Posted by Guest Blogger

June 3, 2016


Today we have a guest post by Amber Racer. As Senior Copywriter at Revital, Amber crafts content copy with passion. She writes words that reach across the online channels and speak to each client’s industry and audience.

Marketing automation is about to make your life easy. Online sales are down or could be improved, so what do you do? When it comes to capturing leads at any hour of the day, there’s no better way than setting up a marketing automation system with your online pages.

First, familiarize yourself with various web tools by comparing the best marketing automation platforms. Marketing automation gives you the freedom to automate responses and match responses with the actions customers take on your website instantly.

One way to go about doing this is to start by forming content around your pages and promoting offers that your customers can sign up to receive. This initiates the sales funnel for customers who have visited your website by responding to your call to action. Once customers make it to your website, it’s your job to pull them in with an offer. If they’re not immediately ready to buy your products or services, marketing automation provides a means to nurture leads.

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Topics: inbound marketing, media, marketing automation, professional services

3 Brand Promotion Techniques You're Doing Wrong

Posted by Guest Blogger

April 13, 2016

Today we have a guest post from Daniel King. Daniel is the Marketing Strategist at The Executive Advertising, a promotional product company that offers branded advertising solutions. He helps clients choose promotional products that support effective marketing campaigns.

Creating the right marketing campaign is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. The right campaign can establish your brand identity, maintain top-of-mind awareness with your target audience, increase sales, and encourage brand loyalty.

Yet there are so many opportunities to promote your brand now that you can easily become distracted and chase after gimmicks that fail to produce results. Should you start an account on Vine? Should you promote your website on Facebook? Should you offer a whitepaper?

It is certainly worth asking these questions, and it’s also important that you not let yourself become overwhelmed trying to pursue all the options at once. You need to focus on creating a solid campaign and then scaling it over time.

Sometimes, it is easier to focus on what not to do rather that what to do so that you can at least be sure you are avoiding mistakes. Here are the top three brand promotion techniques that many companies get wrong:

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Topics: inbound marketing, media, professional services

3 Ways Your Email Open Data is Tricking You, and What To Do About It

Posted by Guest Blogger

November 18, 2015

Today we have a guest post from Mike Donnelly. Mike is the founder of Seventh Sense, a SaaS platform designed to plug into your Hubspot account and existing email systems and quietly listen—listen for the times that individuals engage with you, capture their patterns and allow you to take action on that data. Mike is a data fanatic who’s always looking for new and creative ways to help sales and marketing professionals get better at their trade.

Open rate is one of the most commonly-used metrics to judge the success or failure of email marketing campaigns. Every marketing automation system, including HubSpot, reports on this metric, and it’s the first thing most marketers look at after they’ve sent a campaign. But there are a few challenges with using open rates as a metric. We’re going to look at three of those, as well as what you can do to get a true picture of engagement.

How Email Open Tracking Works

First, every marketer needs to know how email open tracking works. When an email is opened, a transparent pixel (think of this as a picture you can’t see) is downloaded from a remote server. When the pixel is downloaded, it reports as an open. Each pixel is unique to every email address that the campaign was sent to.

How Your Email Open Data Tricks You

Because of the way email open tracking works, the data it produces isn’t the most reliable way to track engagement. Email open data is a shiny metric that sounds nice but, in reality, doesn’t give you a complete picture of your campaign’s effectiveness. Here are three ways your open data is tricking you:

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Topics: email, inbound marketing, HubSpot

8 Key Content Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking Today

Posted by Guest Blogger

October 5, 2015

As the world is becoming more targeted and personal, content marketing metrics have become vital. As an effective strategy to generate leads and grow your business, content marketing only works if you know what and when to adjust.

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Topics: inbound marketing, metrics

Guest Post: Stacey Cole of Zimmer Communications on Why She Loved INBOUND

Posted by Guest Blogger

September 16, 2015

We chose to attend INBOUND because we had just partnered with LeadG2 and HubSpot and were “newbies” to inbound marketing. We had a lot to learn and decided to jump in with both feet!

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Topics: inbound marketing, webinars

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