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Blogging FAQ's for PEO Companies

Blogging for PEO Companies
Maryanne McWhirter
Blogging for PEO Companies

Blogging FAQs for PEO Companies

It’s no secret that Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) is a growing industry. Outsourcing human resources and getting the advice of experts (and benefits of large companies) is a great opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses.  

For your PEO to stand out against the competition, you need your website to grab users' attention and educate on your expertise. What is a particularly effective and efficient way to do that?


Maintaining a blog is the best way to use keywords to generate the right traffic to your site. Blogging grabs the attention of both search engines AND users.   

Experts in HR aren’t always experts in blogging, so we've taken some of the most frequently asked questions on blogging in the PEO industry and answered them below.

What Should I Write About? 

What should you write about in your company blog?

Answers to your prospect questions!

Here's a prime example: At LeadG2, we get a lot of questions about blogging from PEO prospects, leading us to write this blog post so that we can answer their questions and concerns in detail. Prospects come to your blog wanting answers to their pain points. Do they want to know about benefits? Unemployment? Workers comp issues? Write about your client's struggles and possible solutions to those struggles.  

What is NOT a frequently asked question but is worth mentioning is what NOT to write about — don’t write about yourself. No one wants to read about your latest award or something super salesy. Think about what the user is looking for and use this opportunity of their time on your website to help them in their research to questions.

PEO CASE STUDY: Strategic Content Plan Results in Revenue Growth

How Often Do I Need to Post? 

Both quantity and quality are important, so there's no magic recipe for how often you should publish a blog post. 

SEO responds very well to frequent posting. However, it's also important to note that evergreen posts will continue to produce traffic and views for months and years to come. Because blogging is compounding, your posting can differ month to month and year to year.   

Every business is different with what they can handle creating and what their website needs. The best answer to this question is to make a plan and stick to it! Create a content calendar that is realistic for your company and commit to posting on that schedule. 

Who Should Write Each Blog Post? 

Any and everyone at the company could contribute to the blog. 

Choose your titles and then assign topics to the subject matter experts from within. Spread out the work internally and hold your team accountable for producing one piece each. Your sales team should be involved with creating your blog because they know the pain points of prospects and want to put energy into activities that produce leads!  

If blogging becomes too much, you could always outsource to inbound marketing professionals, like LeadG2, to manage the strategy and content creation of your blog. 

6 Ways a PEO Can Use Content to Drive Sales

What Does a Blog Post Need to Include? 

Several must-haves need to be checked off when creating a successful blog post. Here are a few: 

  • A great title: If your headline doesn’t convince people to click it, no one will ever read the post you worked so hard to write.

  • Links: Add links for search engines to note and for users to have a good experience on your post. 

  • Feature Image: An image that grabs readers' attention and fits the tone and topic of the post. 

  • Meta-Description: 155 characters or less that summarize your blog post. While not visible on the post itself, this is very important for SERP.

  • Call-to-Action: Ask something of your reader! Guide them to the next step you want them to take by sharing an action statement and a link with them.

How To Measure the Blog’s Effectiveness

It’s important to measure your results! There are many ways to measure effectiveness, and it depends on your company’s goals. 

One of the best ways to determine the success of a blog post is the entrances to the website on that post. How many people are coming to your website through a particular blog post? Another would be how many CTA clicks were made on that post? If users are converting on a specific blog post, it’s a good sign that it's doing its job! 

PEOs are growing nationwide, and to continue to generate new sales leads;  you need to be intentional about your online presence. Blogging is the best way to increase traffic to your site and interact with users at each stage of their buyer's journey.   

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Maryanne McWhirter

Maryanne is a Senior Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant for LeadG2. She is energized by problem-solving and implementing new strategies to drive results for her clients. Maryanne lives with her husband, two young children, and two dogs in Nashville, Tennessee.

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