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Sales and Marketing Alignment

What is Sales & Marketing Alignment and how can it help you turn leads into customers with clear communication, goals, and processes?

smarketingWhat is a Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The only way to truly reach your inbound marketing and sales goals is to have clear, honest communication and feedback between both your marketing and sales departments. We like to call this a shift toward a Smarketing culture.

If you want to learn more about what a Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement is and how to implement one, check out this short presenation from HubSpot.


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 Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop

Learn about Sales and Marketing Alignment in our SLA Workshop: 

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be delivered a Smarketing Playbook that will include a customized plan for the following areas:

Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement

Lead Definitions

How do we classify your leads and move them through the sales funnel?

Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement

Ideal Customer Profile

What is the critical information we need to know to turn a lead into a MQL, or a MQL into a SQL?

Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement

Revenue & Content Goals

Are your revenue goals aligned? Who is responsible for contributing content?

Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement

Marketing & Sales Goals

Let's get specific! How will this be tracked and what will be measured?

Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement

Follow Up and Process

What is the lead qualifying and hand-off process? Who is involved when?

Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement

Sales Expectations

What systems do we need to put in place for sales to be most successful?



Your SLA Workshop should include all key members of your inbound marketing and sales team. You will need the people who:

  • Manage your website, blog, and HubSpot (Blog Manager, Blog Publisher)

  • Make key decisions about sales and marketing efforts (Marketing Director, Director of Sales, etc.)

  • Will be (or currently is) in charge of qualifying and distributing leads to salespeople (Sales Manager, Business Development Rep)

  • Can speak on behalf of your sales team about what a marketing and sales qualified lead looks like (Sales Manager, Spokesperson Salesperson, etc.)

  • Are in a leadership role to make important decisions about revenue, sales, and marketing goals (General Manager, Owner, Director or Sales, etc.)



This workshop typically takes place around month 3 of your inbound marketing partnership with LeadG2, and takes place over about an 18-day span.

Here is what you can expect:

Call 1: SLA Workshop    
75 Minutes   

Call 2: SLA Workshop 
75 Minutes 

Call 3: Smarketing Playbook Presentation  
45-60 Minutes

Smarketing Playbook Delivered   
Via Mail

How HubSpot Uses a Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) 





Learn More About Sales and Marketing Integration


Take 30 Minutes and Learn How Aligning Sales and Marketing Can Impact Revenue

As one of the only inbound marketing agencies with a foundation in sales training and sales performance we understand how to help companies generate leads and sales using inbound marketing. 

On this 30 minute call you'll learn:

  • What is Inbound Marketing
  • Why Sales and Marketing Alignment Matters
  • If Inbound Marketing is Right for Your Company
  • The 7 Step Lead Generation Process
  • How Inbound Marketing Increases Leads & Sales 
  • How HubSpot Plays a Key Role in Inbound Marketing

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