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MARKETING and sales qualified leads

Moving a Prospect from Tire Kicker to Sales Ready to New Customer

Smarter marketing is about recognizing and responding to marketing qualified and sales qualified leads.

What’s the Difference Between an MQL and SQL? Learn more here.

As a customer for LeadG2’s strategic marketing planning services, we’ll help you define how, when, and why a lead becomes a MQL or a SQL. We’ll design a lead scoring methodology. We’ll facilitate the discussion between marketing and sales to get everyone on the same page. We’ll design the strategies and tactics for moving someone from tire kicker to MQL to SQL to new customer. We’ll help you install, configure and use marketing tools and technologies to facilitate and monitor this movement.


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What’s the Difference Between a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

Marketing Qualified Lead: Marketing Qualified Leads, commonly known as MQLs, are those people who have raised their hands (metaphorically speaking) and identified themselves as more deeply engaged, sales-ready contacts than your usual leads, but who have not yet become full-fledged opportunities. Ideally, you should only allow certain, designated forms to trigger the promotion of a lead to the MQL stage, specifically those that gate bottom-of-the funnel offers like demo requests, buying guides, and other sales-ready calls to action.

Sales Qualified Lead: Sales Qualified Leads are those that your sales team has accepted as worthy of a direct sales follow-up. Using this stage will help your sales and marketing teams stay firmly on the same page in terms of the quality and volume of leads that you are handing over to your sales team.

Source: HubSpot

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Let us help you install, configure and use marketing tools and technologies to facilitate and monitor this movement.

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