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Types of Sales Videos to Use in 2022

Types of Sales Videos to Use in 2022
Maryanne McWhirter
Types of Sales Videos to Use in 2022

Sales Videos for 2022

If you aren't using video in your sales process by 2022 you're missing the mark.

It sounds harsh but is true. 

We have been saying this for years, and we mean it. Video is not going anywhere. People in our virtual, fast-paced world not only want but NEED a personal connection via a quick and convenient method...i.e sales videos. 

Don’t put this off anymore! Use this guide to create and incorporate video into your sales process right away!

5 Types of Sales Videos to Use Right Away

1. Educational Videos

As inbound marketers, we would be remiss not to have educational videos at the top of the list. Stop selling and start educating your prospects first. Prove to them you're a trusted resource and wealth of knowledge in your expertise. There's no better way to do that than by video where they can see your face and hear your voice. 

For example, many fitness instructors are making detailed workout videos of themselves and posting them online, educating customers, providing them value and in turn, are making good money in fitness

The Benefits of Being a Thought Leader [VIDEO]

2. Short Videos

Don’t be too long-winded! I'm sure you have a lot of good stuff to say to prospects — wisdom to drop and solutions to share, but don’t put it all in video. Attention spans are short, and sales videos need to have specific goals to capture attention, book a meeting, or build trust. Set a timer and do not create sales videos longer than 120 seconds. Sending more short videos is better than one long one. 

3. Playful Videos

Show your personality! Sales videos should not be formal presentations, but think of them as casual conversations to show prospects YOU as much as your business. The goal of sales videos is to build trust with the sales person and you can do that showing your face, voice, and personality together. You can be educational and memorable/engaging at the same time! 

4. Inquisitive Videos

Ask questions! Give your users a reason to reply or get back to you by incorporating questions. Making the person watching your sales video really pay attention and think by asking meaningful questions in your videos will help make each video more effective. 

5. Personal Videos

While it's tempting to create only videos to share with many prospects on social media or mass emails, it's also very important to create 1:1 emails speaking directly to the prospect you're calling on. Hold up a piece of paper for the first shot of the video that says their name, so they know even before watching it you made a video specifically for them. How could that not get their attention? 

If you're a salesperson who wants new business in 2022, you cannot avoid video any longer.  Start now with the guidelines above and record your own videos to embed in emails to prospects.   

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