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How to Market Your Construction Company When You're Already Wearing Too Many (Hard) Hats


One of the best ways for modern construction companies to find new clients is developing an online presence.  

Whether you're an existing construction business late to the online game or an emerging business seeking to get more recognition, building your online presence can be a huge benefit. It can attract new clients, strengthen the relationship with existing clients, and position your company as an authority in the construction industry.  

So, where do you start?

Marketing for Construction Companies

Inbound Marketing Terms GlossaryThere are several ways you can make yourself known to those seeking a reputable, professional construction company.  

  • Websites 

  • Blogs 

  • Video content  

  • Business listings

  • Social media

  • Email 

These are all ways you can not only introduce your business but interact with potential and existing customers.  

By making information about your construction company available online, you can answer common questions, showcase projects, and relate your value proposition in an impactful way. 

Let's look at some steps you can take to solve how to market your construction company. 

Build a Mobile-Friendly, Lead Generating Website   

Everyone is busy and on the go, especially those in the construction industry, so your website must be easy to use on a mobile device. A mobile-friendly site ensures that you provide the same user experience whether your audience is on a desktop, tablet, or phone.  

Even better, a mobile-optimized site gives you the ability to add more robust features that load faster and perform optimally on mobile devices and computers. It provides your customers and prospects an easy way to contact you, download a guide, view examples of your work in a photo gallery, read reviews and testimonials, or request an appointment, whether they’re at a construction site or on the go.  

If you aren't sure how important it is to invest in a responsive website that provides an excellent user experience, consider these facts: 

  • 85% of adult consumers expect a company's website to be as good or better on a mobile device than on a desktop. 

  • 88% of online consumers are less likely to revisit a site after a bad user experience.  

  • 39% of people will abandon a website if content takes too long to load or doesn't load at all. 

Build an Informative Industry Blog  

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a vitally important part of marketing for construction companies. Improving where you show up in search results on platforms like Google ensures that youre found first when your prospects are conducting research ahead of a project 

One way to accomplish this is with an industry blog that answers the questions your potential customers have early in their buying journey. A blog can generate leads by positioning you as a thought leader in your space. As an authoritative source of information, youre perceived as a competent, reputable business. 

A blog can be a vital component when it comes to marketing for construction companies. Your topics can relate to the most common questions or top searched terms in your industry. Some examples may include:  

  • Finding the right subcontractor  

  • How to estimate construction costs  

  • What to do if your construction project is taking too long  

  • And many more 

Businesses that blog attract 67% more leads than those that don’t. 

Video is another effective way to increase your recognition and differentiate your company from your competitors. Visual content is not only more engaging, but viewers retain 95% of a message in a video. Videos don't have to be professionally filmed and edited to be impactful. They can be as simple as customer testimonials, your CEO talking about the company's history, how-to videos, or project updates.  

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing  

Another key component of your SEO strategy is your Google My Business listing. This free listing helps your business show up higher in search results by ranking you more favorably than your competitors so that you can be chosen first.  

Just like your website needs maintenance and optimization periodically, so does your Google My Business listing. The more often you interact on the platform by responding to reviews or adding photos related to your work, the more trustworthy and accurate Google perceives your listing, meaning that your business will rank higher on local Google searches and Google Maps.  

Engage on Social Media  

Staying active on social media is another important marketing tip to keep your construction company top of mind for consumers and construction professionals. Doing this establishes your business as a thought leader in the industry, which is worth its weight in gold when you’re trying to win new contracts. 

LinkedIn is an excellent example of how you can use social media to expand your construction business and establish yourself as an industry expert by posting content where your ideal customers are active.  

57% of companies market themselves on LinkedIn by sharing interesting industry content and photos or videos highlighting their projects or clients. Most importantly, construction businesses gain a unique ability to interact with clients and potential contractors, answer questions, and respond to comments when they are active on social media.  

Create Email Sales Sequences  

Email marketing is highly effective, returning $42 for every $1 invested. To get the most from your email marketing, take the time to segment your contact lists, automate your emails, and track the results. From there, you’ll be able to see who opened your emails, clicked on links in those emails, and see what actions they took once they were on your website. 

The optimal email sales sequence can raise awareness and increase conversions, such as offering new online tools to help them visualize their completed project, giving them detailed expectations of your work before a project begins, and highlighting your company’s capabilities within a project 

Follow up to ask if the information was helpful, if they have questions, or if they would like to schedule a meeting 

Effective Marketing for Construction Companies 

Establishing your construction company as a professional and reputable firm makes it easier to get invited to bid and win the business you want. With a solid online marketing strategy, you can increase your visibility and reach while setting apart your construction business as a professional firm, not just another subcontractor.  

It is possible to establish an online presence and market yourself with a combination of free and paid tools using the tips we've shared in this blog. However, it is yet another task vying for you and your team’s limited time.  

The best way to garner more RFPs and present your business as a reputable and professional construction company is to work with a marketing firm to help you develop a robust marketing strategy.   



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