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Generating Qualified Leads: 5 Types of Content that Convert

Shaye Smith

Generating Qualified Leads: 5 Types of Content that ConvertDeveloping a solid inbound marketing and content strategy is something that most companies struggle with. In fact, a study from Ascend2 and its research partners revealed that 46% of the marketing, sales, and business professionals surveyed around the world said that the lack of an effective strategy and the creation of content are the most challenging obstacles to reaching the next level of inbound marketing performance. At LeadG2, we use a lead generation process to help our clients navigate and embrace an inbound marketing culture.

Content Creation for Inbound Marketing

Content is one of the biggest roadblocks we often hear businesses talk about, and generating new ideas or creating content that converts  for their lead generation plan. 54% of companies surveyed by Ascend2 said that “content creation is not only the most effective tactic for inbound marketing purposes, it's also the most difficult tactic to execute.”

We've put together some ideas to help you start your content brainstorm and get you on the road to creating content that converts. While there is a strategic process to creating effective content in any inbound marketing strategy, these ideas will help you start your content planning process.

5 Types of Content that Convert

on-demand webinar graphic: how inbound marketing keeps working during a pandemic 1. Blogs

Blogs are an effective way to establish thought leadership, attract visitors, share insights, and provide advice and direction to people interested in specific topics. A good blog that educates or informs your target audience on a topic they are interested in is a great tool to convert if you have a related CTA that draws the visitor to something they need or want within the blog. 

2. Webinars

Webinars are efficient lead generation content that attract qualified leads to register and receive information that your company is a thought leader on and that they are interested in learning more about. This content, if promoted correctly, will generate a good list of qualified leads, and the recording can be used as content in the future to continue attracting leads interested in that topic. 

3. eBooks and Guides 

eBooks and guides are another type of content that's known to produce quality leads. If your company is utilizing eBooks to share knowledge and value, the leads requesting that information are likely interested in that topic. Creating this type of content in relation to your company's products and service can be a valuable lead generation tool, and also helpful to your sales team during the sales process.

4. Videos

Video is a great tool to help boost landing page conversions. It can be used to communicate details on products or services, share thought leadership, deliver tutorials, and support TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content that drives leads. Using a strong CTA related to the video or the product/service the video is about can be beneficial to your lead generation strategy.

5. Repurposed Content

Repurposed content is a fancy way of saying 'old content' that's been refreshed and updated. New content is great, but it also is not always necessary. Companies can get more bang for their buck by utilizing historical content optimization. In a few steps, companies can repurpose old blogs, eBooks, and other premium content, and make it fresh and optimized to drive new and qualified leads. Utilize your old content, give it a facelift, and kick it back into gear for your lead generation strategy.

Drive Qualified Leads Through Content

While all five of these types of content are excellent and effective content for a successful lead generation strategy, it's essential that all steps of the content creation process are followed and checked off. There are many factors that play into how successful your content is for your lead generation strategy. Don't just create content to have content. Be smart, strategic, follow content creation best practices, and plan your content strategy to be most effective and drive qualified leads that will lead to significant results.30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips Ebook

*Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in December 2018 and has since been updated.

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Shaye is the Director of Marketing for The Center for Sales Strategy, LeadG2, and Up Your Culture. She nerds out on B2B marketing strategy and analytics that drive performance. In her spare time, she teaches dance and enjoys pizza/ice cream dates with her tiny human, working out, a cold glass of beer, wine paired with cheese, and exploring the beautiful Emerald Coast (FL) that she's blessed to call home!

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