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14 B2B Marketing Facts and Stats that Will Help You Make Your Marketing Better



Marketing strategy has to be based on facts in order to be effective. When you know how today’s B2B buyer operates, what works, and what doesn’t, you can make more strategic choices in how you spend your marketing dollars.

Here are 14 stats and facts we’ve gathered that will give you some valuable insight on the B2B landscape.

  • Today’s B2B sales process takes 22% longer than 5 years ago. (Biznology)

  • 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media. (Biznology)

  • Nearly 64% of B2B technology buyers indicated that they read between 2 to 5 pieces of content before making a purchase. (Eccolo Media)

  • 68% of business owners believe outside reviews (done by some person or entity not related to the company) are the most important indicator of whether or not they can trust a new B2B vendor. (CMS Wire)

  • Buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to sales. (CEB & Google)

  • 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. (B2B PR Sense Blog)

  • 52% of B2B buyers say they expect half of their purchases to be made online by 2018. (The Future of Commerce)

  • 40% of millennials (ages 25-34) don’t trust advertising. (Heidi Cohen)

  • 59% of CMOs still say print advertising is an effective marketing channel. 58% say the same for TV, 51% direct mail, and almost half radio and telemarketing. (AdWeek)

  • Using inbound tactics saves an average of 13% in overall cost per lead (HubSpot)

  • The most successful B2B content marketers document both their strategy (48%) and editorial mission statements (49%), meet with their content teams frequently (41%) and have organizational clarity on what content marketing success actually looks like (55%). (Content Marketing Institute)

  • The top 5 most-effective B2B marketing tactics are in-person events (75%), webinars (66%), case studies (65%), white papers (63%), and videos (62%). (Content Marketing Institute)

  • Four times as many online consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. (PR Newswire)

  • The top 4 most effective paid advertising tactics are search engine marketing (55%), promoted posts (48%), content discovery tools (45%), social ads (45%). (Content Marketing Institute)

Benchmark reports and studies are a great source of knowledge to see how the B2B buying journey continues to evolve. When you’re armed with facts that tell you where the future of marketing lies, you’ll be prepared for it.

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