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How to Effectively Promote Premium Content for Optimal Lead Conversions

Posted by Dani Buckley

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November 13, 2017


Creating compelling, strategic premium content as part of your lead generation strategy is only half the battle. The next—sometimes overlooked—step involves the promotion of your content across a variety of channels including both inbound and outbound methodologies. This article is meant to give you a comprehensive overview of the top places you should be promoting your premium content offers in order to drive prospects to the corresponding landing page with a form. While every campaign may not include all of these elements, the more you can incorporate into your plan, the more potential buyers you will reach with your offer.

Your Website and Blog

  • Include calls-to-action (CTA) on blog posts
  • Promote on your homepage and on related website pages (as banner ads and/or CTAs)
  • Add a custom CTA to your navigation or sidebar
  • On your resources listing page (if you have one)

Social Media

  • Scheduled posts across company pages
  • Promoted on personal pages (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) by your internal team, especially those in client-facing roles like sales and management
  • Customized (and appropriate) promotion in LinkedIn groups
  • Sponsored ads on your top performing social media platforms 

Utilize Your Own Resources

  • If you are a media company, run advertising on your media outlet that will help attract business leaders in your audience
  • Think about any other resources you have within your organization to reach a large group of people you come into contact with (also see below)

On Company Collateral

  • In your email signatures
  • On sales presentations
  • On marketing brochures or similar

In the Sales Process

  • Share with prospects who ask questions or have an interest related to this topic (helps you get valuable lead intelligence on them as well as establishes credibility)

Email Marketing

  • Promote to your current subscribers and database
  • Promote to your existing customers and prospects
  • In other lead nurturing email campaigns to drive prospects further down the sales funnel

Events / In-Store

  • Sign people up at events where you have a booth or presence
  • If you’re a presenter, encourage attendees to download online to follow up to your presentation
  • Promote after or before an event to a list of attendees
  • At your store or office

SEO and Links

  • Optimized properly for search engine optimization
  • Link to it throughout your own blog content and content on third party sites (like guest posts)

Word of Mouth / Relationships

  • Personally invite partners, colleagues, and other people you know to share this content with their network
  • Explore partnership opportunities with other organizations where you could return the favor

Paid Advertising

  • Paid search campaign
  • Paid advertising: TV or radio commercials, website banner ads, print ads, etc.
  • Content distribution platforms like AdBlade, Outbrain, or Zemanta

As you can see, this list can be pretty extensive, and don’t feel overwhelmed if you can’t do it all—because most successful campaigns will actually consist of only doing some of this, but doing it really well. Think about your target persona and where your efforts will deliver the most reach and engagement, and start there. The more you make promotion an integral part of every premium content offer, the better you’ll get at it and the more you’ll learn where your time and money is best spent!

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