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How Using Video Can Help Boost Your Landing Page Conversions



It’s really no secret that video is used more and more for marketing to an audience. It’s fast, it’s visually appealing, and people seem to gravitate towards watching video more than any other content platform.

With the boom of video being used to target prospects and educate leads, it only makes sense to marry the idea of using a video directly on your lead gen offer’s landing page.

Here are four reasons why video can help retain more viewers and convert more leads:

1. Great Way to Communicate an Overview of Products or Services

Sometimes our business’ products and services can seem confusing or complicated to a prospect. The prospect doesn’t always know what they are looking for, and they don’t always know what the solution may be to their pain. All that prospect knows is that they DO have a pain and have begun doing a search to find some answers.

A quick :30-:60 second video can help explain confusing processes or products by using simple imagery, nice voice-overs, and a killer script. Think of creating a “commercial-like” video to really outline what you are offering on that given landing page. Prospects will appreciate the opportunity to consume the information in a quick, dynamic way and it can help you drive more leads to fill out that form. The more the prospect is educated on what you are offering, the more likely it is that you are going to get better quality leads.

2. Video Can Support TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Content to Help Drive Leads

No matter where your prospect is in the buyer’s journey, video can compliment whatever stage of the pipeline they are in to further educate or demonstrate.

For example, if you are offering a white paper on the “22 Tips for Inbound Marketing Success,” you could always create a :30 second video to give an overview of how this white paper’s tips will help your business grow using inbound marketing. The video is simply being used to further promote WHY someone should download this offer.

If you were offering something more bottom-of-the-funnel, a demo for example, a video is a terrific way to explain what you will get out of the program, service, or product that is going to be demonstrated. The video also plays a crucial role in explaining a new and possibly confusing program that your prospect isn’t aware of. Take this Sales Playbook landing page for example. By using video, we have helped our prospects determine if they want to spend the time setting up a demo of the service while educating and breaking down a process that may seem difficult to understand.

3. Video Can Demonstrate that Your Company is Technologically Advanced and Keeping Up With Best Practices

According to State of Inbound 2017, 52% of CEOs plan on adding YouTube as a channel to distribute their content in the next 12 months! That’s a lot of video! But this marketing technique doesn’t seem to be dying down or going anywhere. As a company you can take two paths, (1) Be open to a new technology and adopt new tactics or (2) Stay complacent and don’t change anything about your marketing strategies. Having video on your site can really set your business up as a company that is advanced and on top of their marketing game.

4. Video Appeals to the Masses

Video is extremely accessible, and you can find a video on almost any topic. Seriously, go to YouTube and type in any keyword, and I can guarantee there will be search results! The reason why? Simply put, video appeals to everyone. It doesn’t matter the industry, the company size, the job title, the experience or the location; video is used to target everyone and anyone who’s willing to watch. People love video because it’s easier to consume the information for most. And it’s no surprise that with the constant use of cell phones, we now carry a handheld computer with us everywhere we go and can access videos anywhere we are in the world.

To Video or Not To Video?

So the question really isn’t whether your company should be using video in your marketing strategy, but rather what type of video, what should the video say, and what call to action do you want to present at the end of the video? You can find a ton of information on the different types of videos you can create and there are many video companies that make it fast and easy to get started. The point is, get started!

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