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3 Tactics Sales Reps Use to Close More Leads with HubSpot and Content

Isha Bell

3 Tactics Sales Reps Use to Close More Leads with HubSpot and Content

The typical hurdles of the sales role, in addition to the new set of problems brought on by the current business climate as a whole, can leave your sales team feeling burnt out and lost on how to close more leads.

Is your current process for managing and closing leads outdated? Your sales team is doing a lot to stay afloat, and the workload is leaving everyone - including management - overworked. How do you end this cycle? Start your sales process with warm leads and nurture them with HubSpot to utilize content in the sales funnel strategically. Here are the details.

3 HubSpot Strategies that Turn Leads into Customers

30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips EbookWith everyone being time-starved for results these days, using a mix of automation and content marketing helps make your sales efforts even more efficient and lead to more closings.

Here are three strategies that you can implement right now to give your sales flow the kickstart it needs:

1. Use Sequences to Start a 1:1 Dialogue with Marketing  and Sales Qualified Leads (MQLs and SQLs)

If you're using HubSpot  to funnel in MQLs and SQLs, then using a tool called Sequences along with strategic sales enablement content helps power-up your efforts by starting 1:1 dialogue with these prospects. Sequencing is the process of creating drip emails (and other points of contact) in sequential order to lead to a desired result in the sales process. Examples of content to use (eBooks, Video, Webinars, Case Studies, Infographics, etc.)

Pro Tip: Set up sequences as long as your sales cycle (ex: 30-day sales cycle could contain a 5-9 email sequence).

2. Schedule Automated LinkedIn Social Posts

Connecting with leads on LinkedIn  is sales 101.Take it a step further and use HubSpot's social auto-posting feature to share relevant content. Posting often helps you stay top of mind with prospects (no matter where they are in your sales funnel) and positions your thought-leadership as a trusted source.

Pro Tip: Post quick 2-minute insight videos (from you) with links to your calendar.

3. Harness the Power of Meeting Links

Gone are the days of asking, "When is a good time for you?" With meeting links, your prospects can book the time that fits their schedule, eliminating the back and forth emails. 

Pro Tip: Use your meeting links in all your sequences.

Use HubSpot and Content to Nurture Beyond the First Appointment

Many salespeople drop the ball or get a little relaxed after the first appointment. But the sale hasn't closed yet, so the nurturing must continue. Use the three tactics above to keep nurturing leads past the appointment and to the close.

For example, if you've sent off a proposal to a prospect and haven't heard back in a while, send a case study relevant to that prospect. Use helpful and educational content as your reason for keeping in touch with prospects until they close.

Leverage the Power of HubSpot and Content to Close More Leads

When you combine the power of HubSpot and the allure of great content in the sales process, it makes closing much easier and predictable. With HubSpot's built-in lead intelligence, you're able to see what type of content your prospects, especially of a particular industry or shared business challenge, care about the most. Keep feeding their curiosity with your useful content, and you're well on your way to a reliable and efficient sales process that you and your team will love.on-demand webinar graphic: how inbound marketing keeps working during a pandemic

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