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Coach your team to success

The Sales Playbook  

A sales playbook from LeadG2 will help align your salespeople's activities with the buyer’s journey. These strategies will make it quick and easy for salespeople to know what to do with a prospect and when to do it, saving them time and improving results.

What can you expect from a Sales Playbook?
Increase the productivity and efficiency of your sales team.
Increase conversion rates and revenue.
Your sales team will sell smarter and faster.
They'll have everything they need at their fingertips.

Here's what this process will look like:

Aligning-Marketing--Sales 2.png

Sales &
Content Audit


Sales Playbook

Strategic-Marketing 2.png

Sales Content Development

Lead-Generation 2.png

Sales Playbook


Want to see what we're talking about?



"Working with LeadG2 and CSS to develop our custom sales playbook helped give a different perspective on our sales approach and in turn, pointed out some gaps and places for improvements. Alina helped guide us through those changes and improved our pitch and sales process overall. We are forecasted to double our membership sales this year!"

Colleen Shields
Senior Manager, Business Operations & Membership Sales

"The Sales Playbook has been by far, our favorite part of everything we’ve done in partnership with LeadG2. It was completely customized to us and to our sales process and having that for when new sellers start, and as a guide for our current sellers to go back to and to coach them with, has been a true godsend!"

Carrie Lorenz
Director of Sales
Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group

Schedule a Demo of Our Sales Playbook:

We'll show you exactly what goes into the Sales Playbook and how we can customize this to match your organization's needs and goals. Some of the sections included in the playbook that we'll dive into include:

  • Objections and Talk Tracks
  • Buyer Personas and Customized Buyer's Journey
  • Value Proposition
  • Custom Sales Plays 
  • Lead Definitions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales KPIs and Leading Indicators
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

Fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch with you right away to schedule a call.