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What You Need to Know About Marketing Trends for 2022

What You Need to Know About Marketing Trends for 2022
Amanda Meade
What You Need to Know About Marketing Trends for 2022

Marketing Trends 2022

Global advertising and marketing spending is on track to reach $1.376 trillion before the end of 2021.

To increase profits, companies are spending more than ever on marketing. But to market your brand effectively, you need to keep up with the latest trends.

Predictions in digital marketing aren't always easy to make, but if trends are properly observed they can be utilized very effectively. For a rundown of some of the most important marketing trends in 2022, keep reading.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

In recent years, social media  has risen to become one of the most powerful marketing tools around. Usage of social media has gone up across all generations, meaning that the potential audience for all companies is growing.

It's common for people to use social media specifically to keep up-to-date with their favorite brands.

Social media marketing trends change and evolve quickly, so it is important to stay as up-to-date as possible.

Why Social Media is an Important Part of Inbound Marketing

Live Content

Live streaming allows brands to interact directly with their customers. It allows a form of discussion, rather than just a display of what they have to offer.

As viewers can respond in real-time it opens the door for things such as Q & As and discussions of opinions. It is perhaps the most authentic way a business can market itself and helps for a connection with followers.


A relatively new social media platform, TikTok has gained a huge amount of success in only three years. With over 1 billion users worldwide, there is a lot of potential to reach a wide audience.

The growth rate of TikTok means it is an excellent place to start using it within your marketing strategy. On top of this, TikTok has recently added several features designed specifically for marketing and advertising for businesses and creators.

Various Platforms

As social media has grown, so too has the number of platforms available. Most brands tend to use between three and five platforms, which seems to be a good balance.

Using too few means you may be limiting the reach of your presence on social media. But trying to engage with too many may result in lower-quality content.

The largest platforms include companies such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, but there are many more. Determining which platforms are best to use will depend on a few different factors:

  • Platforms that have audiences who fit your target market

  • Time taken to implement a successful strategy for each platform

  • The number of social media marketers you have employed

  • The possibility of repurposing content for different platforms

Video Content Marketing Trends 2022

Video content has become a hugely popular method of marketing. It's easier now than ever to create content and for it to be seen.

According to Forbes list of five digital marketing predictions 2022, 93% of respondents in a study conducted by Animoto stated that video content is helpful when they're making a purchase.

Types of Sales Videos to Use in 2022

Smartphone Production

Not too long ago a good video-based advertisement would have been a lot of work. High-quality equipment, an expensive crew, and skillful editing were essential.

Now, anyone with a smartphone and a bit of talent can make excellent marketing material. Camera quality is now exceptional, even on some cheaper devices. Apps (even free ones) can also be used to edit together content with ease.

Influencers have proven that it doesn't take a team of professionals to make good content, and even videos that feel low quality can be very effective. An 'authentic' feel to videos has become a big thing, and is something worth considering when making a marketing strategy.

Search-Optimized Videos

SEO is by no means a new marketing trend, but video optimization is. It's now quite common for Google to include video snippets alongside search results.

To effectively optimize a video for search engine results, there are three factors to focus on; relevance, consistency, and backend optimization.

Your videos should educate viewers about your brand and answers questions, while still being interesting to watch.

Keeping videos consistent, in terms of their styles, as well as scheduling, is important to help boost rankings. They should be published on your website to improve traffic.

For example, blog articles should have optimized keywords, tags, and images.

CHECKLIST: SEO for Blog Posts


Vlogs can help give a brand personality. Using them to tell a story is a good way of bringing customers in and keeping them engaged. They are also a great way to educate people and convey any information.

Putting the creator of the brand at the forefront will help get followers invested in your company and what it's all about.

Vlogs are popular across pretty much all industries and interests, from gardening to motorsports, so it is a very safe bet that the use of vlogs would be a very effective way to market your brand.

Content Marketing Trends 2022

Various forms of content marketing have stood the test of time and should not be ignored. 

Content repurposing helps cover a wider audience. If a podcast can be repurposed for YouTube and a blog post, for example, it ensures the same content will reach a lot more consumers.

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. They aren't necessarily an effective form of marketing for all brands, but if utilized well can be incredibly effective.

It is important to track content performance. This way you can see what strategies work well, and which ones are less useful. This can help you to develop better strategies with time.

A strong focus on user experience is also key. Making sure your website has quick load times and is easy to navigate can help your brand.

It is also very important these days to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are growing in popularity, and not catering to this can massively reduce the number of customers reached.

Inbound Marketing Trends 2022

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting, educating, and empowering consumers with the use of relevant content. You essentially want to help and guide your customers until they are ready to make their purchase.

This requires understanding your consumers. You need to understand the buyer's problem and explain to them how your brand can be the solution.

This can be done through all kinds of content such as videos, infographics, landing pages, and more. The types of content used will depend on your product/service and your audience, and if implemented properly, can be incredibly effective in driving sales.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Sales Enablement Marketing Trends 2022

This is key to finalizing sales. It is essential to make sure your sales team has everything they need to sell your product or service. The trends above all help with this. 

You need to make sure your staff are properly trained and have a solid understanding of whatever they are selling.Depending on your business this can be helped with things like hybrid selling, employee advocacy, and sales enablement software.

We hope our research on marketing trends for 2022 helps make it easier for you to build a marketing strategy next year!

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