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Worst Lead Gen Tips When Creating Irresistible Offers

Worst Lead Gen Tips When Creating Irresistible Offers
David Robinson
Worst Lead Gen Tips When Creating Irresistible Offers

Worst Lead Gen Tips When Creating Irresistible Offers

Lead generation is a critical and beneficial marketing strategy, helping businesses cultivate contact lists of dedicated customers when online privacy is becoming increasingly important.

People care more than ever about where their data is going, and that makes it more difficult for businesses to gain insight into their customer user base. By implementing lead gen efforts, your company can collect the user data of people who’ve opted in to get your marketing messages. That said, not all advice is good advice when setting up your lead gen efforts. 

In this post, we’ll review some of the worst (but also some of the tried-and-true) tips you may encounter when learning how to generate leads.

Avoid These Worst Lead Gen Tips 

There are many different ideas about how to get people’s attention. Here are some tips to avoid. 

Offer Discounts All the Time 

Discounts can get people in the door quickly, but regularly providing discounts can devalue your offer in the eyes of your customers, making it difficult to sell at full price in the future.

Instead of latching onto the allure of quick sales through price slashes, businesses should focus on establishing value through other means. Loyalty programs, package deals, and quality guarantees can have more sustainable effects on customer retention and acquisition. 

That’s not to say there isn’t a place for seasonal sales or the occasional discount, but when it’s a sale all the time, people will only come for the sale, which lowers your profits. 

 A Guide to B2B Lead Generation

Make Your Offer Super Complicated 

Businesses sometimes believe that more hurdles equate to more qualified leads, yet the opposite is often true—complexity can deter prospects. Your offer, whether it's a white paper download or a complimentary consultation, must be readily accessible. An offer with too many conditions or steps can confuse potential customers, leading them to lose interest. 

Instead, you want to create the simplest path to getting people to sign up. Make it as simple as giving their phone number or email. If you want to narrow your list to more qualified candidates, you can include a business name option, but simpler is by far the better route. 

Create an Overly Complicated Website  

Making your website too busy with too many offers, popups,  

An overcrowded website with flashing banners, countless pop-up offers, or timers to hit certain deals or unlock benefits turns customers off and makes your site look like a scam. In the current user experience-driven landscape, simplicity and clarity are paramount. A convoluted website is frustrating and can also appear suspicious.  

Streamlining your platform to highlight your core offerings and maintain a seamless user experience is key. Strategic placement of lead generation forms and clear navigation can significantly improve the effectiveness of your online presence. 

Copy Your Competitors' Offers Exactly 

While it’s important to be aware of your competitors, directly copying their offers doesn’t differentiate your brand or add value to your customers. Competitive research is crucial in shaping your marketing strategies—but mimicking your rivals’ offers is a shortcut with severe limitations. By doing so, you fail to infuse your brand's unique value proposition into your offerings. Instead, consider industry benchmarks and consumer responses as a point of reference.

Then, use that information to innovate and differentiate your lead generation approach, standing out in a crowded market. Customers are drawn to businesses with unique ‘personalities,’ where they can sense the input of the people behind it. They no longer want companies that are opaque monoliths. Let them see who you are and what you value. 

Ignore Your Target Audience’s Preferences 

Creating offers without considering what your audience actually wants or needs is a surefire way to miss the mark. Neglecting buyer personas and preferences when crafting your offers is akin to shooting in the dark.

Take the time to conduct thorough market research and listen to your customers. Their feedback and behavior should dictate the structure and substance of your lead magnets. 

Focus Solely on New Customers 

Exclusively targeting new customers with your offers while neglecting existing ones can hurt customer loyalty and retention. Businesses can inadvertently sideline their existing client base.

It’s more cost-effective to focus on getting customers to return rather than spending to earn new customers who need to be introduced to your brand. By offering exclusive deals, gathering referrals, and acknowledging their patronage with personal touches, you create a funnel that feeds both new and returning customers. 

30 Tips to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Rely Only on One Channel For Promotion 

Limiting your promotion to a single channel minimizes your offer's visibility and reach, missing potential customers on other platforms. A multichannel strategy that incorporates social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, and email campaigns will cast a wider net.

Each channel has its unique strengths in engaging different segments of your audience. Utilize analytics to refine your approach and maintain adaptability in the face of evolving consumer behavior. 

How to Grow Your Lead Gen Efforts 

Now that you’ve learned what not to do, here are some tips you should follow to grow your social media marketing, They are tested channels that work well for building your brand efforts. 

Leverage Social Media 

Leverage your social media profiles as more than just a broadcasting platform. Engage in conversations, share valuable content, and participate in the communities that your potential leads inhabit. Social media can be a breeding ground for lead generation if you offer content that educates and entertains, making users more likely to engage with your brand and explore your offer further.  

Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with potential leads. Share valuable content that engages your target audience and encourages interaction to build traffic while your rankings get established. 

Create High-Quality Content 

High-quality, relevant, and educational content acts as a magnet for leads. Create blog posts, eBooks, videos, and more that address the pain points of your audience. In return for their contact information, offer this content as an authoritative source that enriches their knowledge and offers them real value.

Each piece of content should guide customers to conversion, piquing their interest and guiding them toward deeper engagement. It helps you establish your authority within your industry and demonstrate your expertise. 

Questions To Ask Before Developing A Lead Generation Strategy 

Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation 

Your website should be a lead generation powerhouse. Employ user-friendly designs, clear and enticing call-to-actions, and straightforward navigation. Ensure your website has clear call-to-actions (CTAs), user-friendly forms, and landing pages designed to convert visitors into leads. A seamless user experience, coupled with persuasive offers, can transform your website into a lead-generating machine.  

Make it easy for customers to know what you do, who you are, and, most importantly, how you can help them. A simple, well-designed website gives people a direct path and works at any time. They won’t have to wait to get you on the phone or respond to an email to learn more – it can all be right there. 

Implement SEO Strategies 

Optimize your website and content for search engines to increase visibility and attract more visitors who are actively searching for solutions you provide. A high-ranking position in search engine results is a priceless asset for lead generation, as it can grow over time with only an upfront investment.  

Ensure your website is SEO-optimized, with content that addresses keywords and phrases used by those seeking your services. Organic search traffic comprises individuals actively looking for what you offer—a warm audience ripe for lead generation. Keep in mind that this is a long-term strategy that can take time to develop. 

Engage in Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains an effective strategy for lead generation and nurturing. Develop a segmented email list representative of your target audience. Send personalized and value-added emails that provide relevant insights and offers to guide prospects through the sales funnel. A well-crafted email sequence can guide leads from awareness to purchase, utilizing drip campaigns to maintain consistent communication without appearing intrusive. 

It's also the most direct channel you have to reach your customers since you’re sending content directly to their inboxes. Be mindful of their attention and provide value to them, and they’ll appreciate your efforts and contribution. 

Use Lead Generation to Build a Strong Customer Base 

Lead generation is part of a continuous effort to develop and maintain a robust customer base. By avoiding the pitfalls and implementing the strategies outlined above, your lead generation efforts will be dynamic, sustainable, and rewarding.

Your customers are waiting—they just need the right path to find you. Lead generation is the bridge that connects those paths, guiding them to a mutual destination of value and growth.  

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