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Importance of Landing Pages: How to Write Landing Page Copy That Generates Leads


iStock-How to Write Landing Page Copy That Generates Leads

A landing page is a page on your website that has a specific purpose centered around an action you want someone to take. It typically contains a form that your prospects will complete in exchange for a valuable piece of free premium content or some kind of action—like scheduling a consultation. It's a critical part of the lead generation process since this is how a visitor becomes a lead and enters your sales funnel.  

6 Tips for Writing Great Landing Page Copy 

30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips EbookCapturing the attention of landing page visitors is a little like trying to sit down at the coffee shop with a friend while her toddler is quietly coloring. You have just small bits of time to cover the highlights before the toddler makes a break for the door, and your captive audience disperses.

If you’ve ever tried to converse with someone who is distracted, you understand the value of leading with the most important pieces of information. This idea also works when creating landing page copy since so many website visitors are multi-tasking as they search for the information they need.

1. Use Easily Digestible Bullet Point Copy

As much as we’d all love to believe every word we write is thoughtfully considered, the majority of visitors will skim the landing page copy. That means you’ll want to use bullet points and headlines to get across the most important points. You can always include additional information but know that the reader should be able to grasp the main takeaways if they are less-than-focused on your conversationor your landing page. 

2. Include a Benefit in the Headline

The headline should tell the reader what the post is about, and it should entice them to read further. Use the headline to provide a taste of what they will gain when they continue to read. We all have limited attention these days, so make it easy for the reader to grasp why they should care about what you have to say. 

3. Write for Your Target Persona

If you want to capture attention, you must think like your target persona.

  • What do they need?

  • What are their pain points?

  • How would they describe their interests?

This should all be reflected in the content or offer you are promoting. But, if you’re struggling, you can turn to your sales or customer service teams for hints. They listen to customers describe their needs every day, and they should be well-versed in the language your target persona speaks. 

4. Ditch the Boring, Stuffy Talk

You don’t need to use formal language in your blog or on your landing pages. In fact, the more conversational your page is, the more relatable your content will be. How would you describe the offer if you were sitting face-to-face with your potential customer? If you don’t normally speak as if you’re reading from a scientific journal, a college term paper, or a legal briefing, you can turn the formality down a notch. You’ll find that your engagement goes up when you have a little bit of fun with your copy!

5. Dangle the Juicy Gossip

All good coffee dates hold the promise of stories with juicy details and secrets. Keep this in mind as you write landing page copy: hint at the big secret that will be revealed without giving away the specifics. Share just enough that you leave them wanting more; pique the reader’s curiosity, so they are compelled to respond to your call to action.  

6. Inspire with Your CTA

If you were sitting across from a friend, you’d give a little pep talk, or perhaps, get a little emotional if you were trying to convince them to take an important action. The content you’re promoting could be life-changing, right? So why not show some enthusiasm by going beyond the standard, “Subscribe,” “Submit,” or “Download” text on your CTA buttons? Expand the text to be inspiring. 

When writing landing page copy, it’s important to consider your audience, their attention span, and the juicy details that will get them to take action. We might long for that leisurely coffee date where we have our best friend’s undivided attention as we tell a long, drawn-out story. But it’s more likely that our big story is sandwiched in between dozens of interruptions, so we focus on the highlights and save the details for a day when we can focus on building a stronger connection. 

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