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The Importance of Landing Page Conversion Rates to Sales Managers



If you are using inbound marketing or any type of lead generation for your sales teams, one of the most important things that you need to be doing is generating traffic to your landing pages and converting these visitors to leads.  

It’s a pretty simple mathematical equation: the more traffic you get to your landing pages and the higher the conversion rate, the more leads you get. tweet-button-1.jpg So if you have some great landing pages that convert very well, you will be generating more leads than you could with poorly-converting landing pages. That’s why high conversion rates on B2B landing pages should be a primary concern for marketers and sales organizations alike. Without leads converting on your landing pages, you have no leads.

Creating Great Landing Pages

Even though I am often referred to as a web designer, that’s far from the truth. I know how to build websites and use software very well, but don’t consider myself to be in the same class as a web developer or web designer that can take HTML and graphics files and turn them into something beautiful. No, what I am is a brilliant imitator that can see something that someone else has created and turn that into something that works just good enough for my uses. It’s often said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." If that’s true, then I must flatter a lot of web designers because I love to see their designs and then come up with something similar that I can create myself. 

One of the best sources for finding B2B landing page ideas is a website Crayon.co that has thousands upon thousands of landing page designs that you can look at for ideas. While this might seem a little boring for non-designers, it’s really a great resource for sales people as well. By seeing all of the different types of landing pages that are available, salespeople can get a better understanding of the mechanics of capturing information and can move away from the standard and quite boring landing page with content on the left and form on the right and possible find something that resonates (and converts) better with their target persona.

Using Conversion Rates to Drive Design

HubSpot takes the importance of landing page conversions one step further and has a Template Marketplace that customers can visit and find landing page templates ranked based on how well they convert. This way, instead of just finding a cool-looking landing page, you can actually find landing page templates that have been proven to work and generate results. After all, a cool landing page isn’t very cool when you have to tell your VP of Sales that you didn’t meet your lead goal for the month because your conversion rates on the new landing page were too low. 

A/B Testing of Landing Pages

One sure fire way to know if your new landing page is optimized for conversion is to set up a few A/B tests. tweet-button-1.jpg These A/B tests should focus on just one thing at a time to truly gauge the results of your changes. The A/B tests can tell you, without a doubt, which type of landing page is converting better and give you a specific metric to gauge the effectiveness… and that’s conversion rate. The one that has a higher conversion rate is the clear winner and you should try to optimize future pages using the same design principles that made the higher converting page win.

Measuring Conversion Rates is an Ongoing Process

As most analytical marketers will tell you, measuring and optimizing conversion rates isn’t a one-time thing. No, reviewing conversion rates on your landing pages is something that should be done on a monthly or quarterly basis and discussed between sales and marketing. After all, if your landing pages are not converting well, you are passing through a lower level of leads to Sales compared to a high converting landing page. So sales managers should care about conversion rates as much as the marketing manager does.

If you have a real interest in learning more about how to use marketing or sales software to improve your marketing or conversion rates, let’s set up a time to talk.

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