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3 Tech Trends That We Predict Will Influence Marketing in 2023

3 Tech Trends That We Predict Will Influence Marketing in 2023
Emily Hartzell
3 Tech Trends That We Predict Will Influence Marketing in 2023

3 Tech Trends That We Predict Will Influence Marketing in 2023

A lot has changed in marketing — just in three short years!

Most of us marketers have been caught up in the change and the hustle to keep up with everything that's shifted. BUT what about 2023?

2023 is not so far away that we can't see what's coming — I promise! Let's take a second to investigate the future and talk about some tech trends on the horizon that I predict will influence your marketing in 2023.

1. Automation Software 

The  automation software industry has been booming over the last few years, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There are new versions of automation software coming out all the time, with new features and more powerful capabilities.  

By investing in an automated marketing platform like HubSpot, you can easily automate marketing follow-ups based on actions with automated workflows, schedule out social media post publishing, schedule out promotional emails, create landing pages and nurture leads, and so much more! 

HubSpot Workflows: 5 Mistakes You're Making With Automation

2. Mobile Optimization Will be Even More Critical 

Did you know that about 60% of customers don’t return to websites with an inconvenient or missing mobile version? Having a mobile-friendly website also helps you rank higher in search results. Having a website that is optimized for mobile use is a necessity at this point in the game. 

Google shares three elements that make an effective mobile website:  

  • Does your site load quickly? 

  • Is it easy to navigate?  

  • Is it easy to take action? 

Take a close look at your website from the user’s standpoint and see what you think about your website overall. If it needs improvement, now is an important time to get working on a website face-lift because an outdated website will severely impact your marketing efforts in 2023. 

3. Long Form Content is On The Rise 

Long-form content is more important than ever. With the rise of Google’s RankBrain algorithm and the growing use of voice search, you should consider emphasizing longer blog posts in 2023.

Google rewards long-form content with higher rankings on SERPs because it signals that your site has high-quality and useful information. A good rule of thumb is to write at least 800 words per blog post so that you can rank well in searches while also providing valuable information to readers who may want more than just a few sentences from you. 

Long-form content doesn’t just mean long-form articles. Long-form video content that goes in-depth on specific topics is equally as trendy right now – like how-tos and video tutorials. Longer posts and videos like this allow you to position yourself or your company as an authority in your industry. 


Technology is ever-evolving, and the trends will continue to shift over the years. By investing in automated marketing software, optimizing your website for mobile use, and focusing efforts on long-form content, you're setting yourself up for a successful marketing plan in 2023.   

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