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How to Create a Workflow for Marketing Automation in 10 Steps

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 2:50:43 PM

Leverage your content and send leads through the sales funnel hands (almost) hands free.

One of the closest things a marketer can get to hands free marketing is setting up and automating workflows. Basically, a workflow is a series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a prospect’s behaviors or contact information.

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Topics: inbound marketing, marketing automation

Counterfeit $100 Bills, Impatience and Lead Nurturing Strategies for Accountants

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:50:25 AM

The Formula for a Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy: Patience + Relevant Content = More Sales Opportunities

I got angry when I went to the bank the other day and had to wait on line for what seemed like an eternity to see a teller to get some cash so I could pay a roofing contractor.
After the eternity passed (like 4 or 5 minutes) I finally, finally, got the cash but here’s what happened. It turns out that the bank actually gave me hundred dollar counterfeit bills, which I then used to pay my bill. Imagine my surprise when the next day when I got a call from the contractor that when he tried to use one of the bills at Kentucky Fried Chicken, it started a string of events that eventually included the bank, Sherriff’s department and Secret Service.
The universe sure does work in mysterious ways. (There’s more to this story, so stay tuned !)
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Topics: business development, lead generation, marketing automation, CPA Firm Marketing, marketing strategies and tactics, niche marketing

CRM isn’t an Application – It’s a Discipline!

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:18:08 AM

CRM Expert Weighs in on 5 Critical Issues that Stop CPA and Other Professional Service Firms From Achieving CRM Success

A Special Guest post by Jeff Bloch, President, North Shore CRM

CRM technology has evolved since the early days of Act! and Goldmine. Gone are the days of CRM as an “electronic rolodex.” Digital marketing, software as a service (SAAS), business intelligence and ERP integration have re-shaped the landscape. Regardless, one fundamental concept is clear: CRM isn’t an application, it’s a discipline. There are many CRM solutions to choose from. The following categories apply whether you’re deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM across 300 users or rely exclusively on your contacts in Outlook or Gmail.

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Topics: marketing automation, professional services marketing

Marketing Automation for CPA Firms and Other Professional Services – An Overview

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 23, 2016 3:59:55 PM

Plus: Survey identifies top 20 marketing automation software features considered to be most important – what’s on your list?

Marketing automation is a new game plan for most accounting and other professional services firms, with roots that reach into every single digital marketing asset firms use, from their e-newsletter to social media. It’s built upon a premise that not all prospects that engage with your firm are sales ready, and consequently, one of the key jobs of contemporary marketing programs is to develop and nurture that relationship until such time that the prospect is ready to become a client.

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Topics: inbound marketing, marketing automation

Calculating The Economics and ROI of Lead Generation

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 9, 2016 9:42:44 AM

If You’re Thinking About Your Firm’s Marketing ROI, Then Think About Lead Generation Campaigns

There’s a significant number of CPA , consulting and other professionals services firms that traditionally think of marketing as merely overhead, so one of the most frequently asked questions we get  from partners, owners and shareholders is “how much does it cost”?

That’s the wrong question to ask. The more appropriate question should be “how much should we invest? After all, we don’t measure “Return on Expense”, we measure “Return on Investment!

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Topics: content marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, marketing automation

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