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Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

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2017 was huge when it came to developments in digital marketing, and 2018 looks like it will continue that trajectory. Marketers understand that new technologies and tactics can help them to be more successful. This article shares several trends in digital marketing that are expected to rise to the forefront in 2018.  

Video Marketing 

A great way to boost your digital marketing efforts is to create videos. As the Internet and social media have made visual content more popular, people have become visually-oriented. Videos can communicate a company's culture, benefits of products or services, and educational information. Videos help customers feel like they're more connected to a company.

Use Chatbots

If you’ve ever used apps like Messenger to communicate with a business, you’ve already had experiences with chatbots. They’re the automated messages that reply to you after you’ve asked a question, or made a comment. According to Entrepreneur, companies can use this tool as another way to increase their effectiveness. Artificial intelligence helps make live chats better while allowing human staff to focus on other parts of the company. 

Get Real — Augmentally 

Similar to the use of videos to connect people with companies, businesses should explore the possibilities of augmented reality. Using superimposed, computer-generated images, combined with the “real world” allows the user to feel more immersed in the experience. If they gain a true experience, customers will have a better understanding of a company and its products.

Let Them Use Their Voice

More and more people are using voice commands to do their searches. As many of us know, certain products are built just for their ability to answer a spoken question. Consequently, more businesses are getting into the voice game, and creating ways for customers to just speak their minds, and get answers right away.

Social Media Is Key

Of course, people are also using social media. Compelling content posted on social media, accessible via mobile devices, will get companies noticed quicker. People are using their smartphones to look up just about everything. So, if you’re content isn’t mobile-ready, neither are you.

Get Visual 

Apps like Instagram are providing new ways for companies to engage their customers with visual content. Companies can create and share images and video on the fly, providing an in-the-moment feel. Go beyond “evergreen” content that can be used time-and-time again to provide customers with a more immediate-feeling experience. 

Use The User 

Finally, using content generated from loyal customers is becoming more popular. People trust information and recommendations from other customers, and companies can take advantage of this desire for peer-created content. Companies that include user-generated content in their digital campaigns will seem more trustworthy to today’s customer base. 


Digital marketing continues to develop and change, giving marketers new tools and tactics to try. Companies that can successfully use these tools and tactics to forge stonger connections with customers will see greater success with their digital marketing efforts.  

Nick Rojas is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who’s enjoyed working with and consulting for startups. He concentrates on teaching small- and medium-sized enterprises how best to manage their social media marketing and define their branding objectives. You can follow him on Twitter as @NickARojas.  

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