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Must-See Sessions at INBOUND 2022

Must-See Sessions at INBOUND 2022
Amanda Meade
Must-See Sessions at INBOUND 2022

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Taking place both virtually AND in-person this year, September 6th through September 9th is HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference.

There are more than 100 speakers ready to talk about sales, marketing, and customer success. During this three-day conference, attendees will learn from inspiring keynote speakers like former President Barack Obama. They’ll also have the opportunity to attend several engaging breakout sessions, learn about new product releases, and attend several networking fireside chats.

INBOUND is best for marketing teams, sales teams, customer success teams, HubSpot software users, and anyone looking for business inspiration. Here are some of the sessions our team is excited to attend.

Inbound 2022 Sessions 

This year, INBOUND’s agenda is split into these categories:

  • Build Your CRM

  • Build Your Business

  • Build Your Purpose

  • Build Your Community

  • Build Your Curiosity 

  • Build Your Workplace

All INBOUND attendees have access to watch Spotlight sessions live, and these are the sessions you’re not going to want to miss (according to our team)! 

I’m so pumped for my first INBOUND experience! There are so many sessions that look to be extremely helpful and exciting (so many awesome people are presenting), but the presentations I’m most looking forward to are: 

  • Marketing Rules of Thumb: “Trust It” or “Bust It” 

  • What’s Next: How to Navigate Marketing Around Search and Social Algorithms 

  • Email Marketing Tips: Do This, Not That 

I’m particularly excited for Email Marketing Tips. The session will be hosted by Jay Schwedelson who always shares such amazing tips and tricks for email (all while being absolutely hilarious).  

- Brent Tripp, Digital Marketing Coordinator 


I’m excited for the Virtual Selling: 5 Techniques You Need to Change Now since most of my clients are focusing more on the sales aspects right now and I think this will be a great conversation to give me some ideas to bring back to my clients.

The session about How to Navigate Marketing Around Search and Social Algorithms should be really insightful as it will give me some ideas for ways in which we could adjust some of our current strategies to get better results for our clients.

The session that I’m most excited for is The Netflixization of Marketing: Turning Creativity Into Marketing because I think that it will shine light on how these streaming platforms are changing the marketing space, and what we can do to keep up and create a similar experience for our client’s consumers.



I am pumped about both of Jay Schwedelson’s sessions, How It Started & How It’s Going: How Failure & Pivoting Can Create Massive Opportunity on Day 2 and Email Marketing Tips: Do This, Not That on Day 3. I learned so much from Jay at INBOUND 2021, I’m confident that will be the case this year too!  

Also looking forward to kicking off INBOUND with Marketing Rules of Thumb: “Trust It” or “Bust It” with Tom Shapiro, Nancy Harhut & Jen Wiese on Day 1! 

- Carly Quirk, Inbound Marketing Specialist 


I'm excited for a lot of sessions, but these three seem like they'll help me a lot with what I work on every day.  

  • The Logic of Emotion: How to Make Inaction Impossible 

  • Getting Smart About Smart Content 

  • Marketing Rules of Thumb: "Trust It" or "Bust It" 

I like to think about the person reading the content we make, so seeing someone else's take on how to reach them with the best messaging and where to let things stand out more. 



I am super excited for all the sessions at INBOUND 2022, but these 3 listed below specifically stood out to me. This time of the year, every year, is my opportunity to refocus, learn new tips/tricks, and think through the best ways to implement everything I learn for our LeadG2 clients. Can’t wait! 

  • Marketing Rules of Thumb: Trust it or Bust it  

  • Do the Right Thing, Not All The Things  

  • The Logic of Emotion: How to Make Inaction Impossible 

- Emily Hartzell, Senior Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant 


I love the fact that we carve out time to focus on professional development collectively! Right now, I’m really on a “Back to the Basics” learning kick – what we do is a very brick-by-brick approach, and I want to make sure I’m the best at it for my clients. The sessions I’m looking forward to are: 

  • Take Webinars from Boring to Buzz Worthy 

  • Get Smart about Smart Contentthis feature is so overlooked in HubSpot; I’m beyond excited to sink my teeth into this. 

  • Email Marketing Tips: Do This, Not That 

- Isha Bell, Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant 


I’m ready for my second year of INBOUND! I’m looking forward to how these three sessions will improve my performance as a Content Strategist and help our clients. 

The Future of Customer Privacy with Google – This topic impacts our clients and will shift the whole of digital marketing. 

Getting Smart About Smart Content – Content for clients is my number one priority, so I’m always willing to learn more. 

Email Marketing Tips: Do This, Not That – Jay Schwedelson is a fan favorite, but aside from the hilarious host, email marketing tips are always something I can create content around! 

- Kristen Zanoni, Content Strategist 


I am looking forward to INBOUND 2022! So many sessions look great. 

One I am most excited about on the first day is “Take Your Webinars from Boring to Buzz-worthy."  I do a lot of attending webinars for my professional development and a lot of promoting webinars for clients. I can’t wait to learn new tactics for making them stand out! 

On Day 2, I am most looking forward to “Do the Right Thing, Not All the Things.”  It is always good to learn more tactics on how to help me focus where it matters most!  Lastly, I am looking forward to “How AI Will Transform the Way Marketers Will Work.” 

- Maryanne McWhirter, Senior Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant 


It’s great seeing so many experts and thought-leaders coming together to organize something like this. These events in particular stood out to me: 

  • Marketing Rules of Thumb: “Trust It” or “Bust It.” -It’s about reevaluating tips like “keep copy short” or “the benefits of X, Y, and Z” 

  • Do the Right Thing, Not All the Things – This one is about taking a closer look at where attention and resources should be focused within marketing strategies. 

  • Email Marketing Tips: Do This, Not That – This is all about email best practices, which is hard to ignore. Gotta keep up with the formulas and approaches that are generating the most results. 

    - Paul Kallen, Inbound Marketing Specialist 



Our favorite part of INBOUND is coming together after days worth of sessions and sharing what we’ve learned and how we’re going to use this new information to better serve our clients. Stay tuned for more content post-INBOUND as we digest new trends, research, and best practices and share them with you here on our blog.  

If you’re going to INBOUND 2022 — be sure to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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