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Must-Have Technology That Every Business Needs



Each day I have the opportunity to work with business owners and marketers to develop digital marketing programs that help them generate leads and grow their revenue. It’s very fulfilling when you have a client implement the strategies and tactics that you have recommended and begin to see results.

I find that most new clients who sell B2B haven't fully considered the B2B buying process. Most B2B purchase decisions start with a web search, and if you are not showing up in the search engines, you are not going to get found. tweet-button-1.jpg

Technology Helps Generate Leads

One of my favorite magazines for catching up on trends in website design, marketing automation, social media, SEO, and more is Website Magazine, and they posted a great article about the technological tools that every business needs to use. If you read the article you will notice in parenthesis that they clearly state that these “must-haves” are for companies that already have a CRM and CMS in place. Websites that never change and lack a blog are simply an “online brochure”. In 2016, every B2B website should have a blog and be publishing dynamic content if they want to attract new leads. tweet-button-1.jpg

Here is a list of the tools Website Magazine recommended:

  • A Competitive Research Tool
  • A Social Media Platform
  • An Email Service Provider
  • An Analytics System
  • A Personalization Tool(s) 

Are You Overwhelmed by Technology Yet?

If you have gotten this far and are feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the technology that is being recommended as essential for every business, you are not the only one. I hear marketers and business owners complain every day that there are too many passwords to remember and to many things to do every day, week, and month when managing their digital marketing campaigns. Several years ago, the Founders of HubSpot were aware of the number of must-haves that businesses needed in their digital marketing technology suite and sensed this pending frustration. In response to this feeling of being overwhelmed when managing digital marketing campaigns, they created a one-stop technology suite for marketers and business owners that includes a CMS (they call it a Content Optimization System or COS) and each of the tools recommended by Website Magazine above. The latest version of HubSpot even includes a free CRM which is an amazing benefit for any business that has been using spreadsheets to track leads.

If you or your company is ready to up your marketing game in 2016 and start generating more leads utilizing technology, let’s set up a time to talk. I can walk you through the HubSpot tool (full disclosure, we are a HubSpot partner and work with companies to utilize the HubSpot software to the fullest) and let you see how everything works.

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