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Inbound 2016 Sessions: What We'll Be Learning

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inbound 16.pngHubspot’s conference, Inbound 2016, begins today, and the LeadG2 staff members have registered for as many sessions as they can fit into their days. With hundreds of sessions and workshops over the course of four days in Boston, there’s plenty to see, do, and learn. Here are a few of the sessions we’re anticipating the most, and why: 

shayesmith.pngShaye Smith, LeadG2 Content Manager/Inbound Marketing Specialist

#Inbound16 session: “How to Suck at SEO and Drive Your Business Into the Ground” (Thursday, 3:30 PM)

Why I’m attending: “When creating great content, it’s imperative to not just create great content, but to ensure it is enhanced for SEO. Because this is ever-changing, I’m excited to get some action items and takeaways to immediately add to the content creation process that will enhance the SEO efforts for clients.”

LauraMacPherson1.jpgLaura MacPherson, LeadG2 Marketing Manager

#Inbound16 session: "How to Use PR, Branding, and Positioning to Take on Goliath" (Wednesday, 1:00 PM)

Why I’m attending: “Influencer marketing and PR is becoming increasingly important in marketing and SEO. I want to stay on top of the latest developments to make sure I know all the best strategies and tactics.”

CSS_Dani_4-18[2]-705759-edited.jpgDani Buckley, LeadG2 General Manager

#Inbound16 session: "The Story is in the Date: How Sales Teams Should Leverage Data for Strategic Storytelling" (Friday, 11:45 AM)

Why I’m attending: “I believe in the power of story, no matter what context, and I think stories are essential in marketing and sales. The fact that this particular session is based on using real data and technology to tell a better story when communicating with prospects, and ultimately better understand their needs and deliver customized solutions… that’s what makes me excited to attend this session.”

AlanVitberg.jpgAlan Vittberg, Executive Director, Professional Services Team

#Inbound16 session: "Amplifying Inbound" (Thursday, 9:15 am), "Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing: How to Marry Marketing Automation with Social Advertising for B2B" (Wednesday, multiple times), "Why You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong, and Other Social Selling News" (Thursday, 11:45 AM)

Why I’m attending: “These are related to exploring how to give a client a “360 degree” strategic marketing plan.”

brian_hasenbauer_square.pngBrian Hasenbauer, Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant
#Inbound16 session: "Bold Talks VI: Emotional Intelligence, Your Brand Story and The 3 F’s to Success" (Friday, 10:30 AM)
Why I’m attending: "Marketing is all about story telling and I feel as though the more you understand how to structure a good story, the better marketer you can become. Also looking for inspiration and the topic of emotional intelligence, piqued my curiosity."

AmberN.pngAmber Nettles, LeadG2 Consultant/Inbound Marketing Specialist

#Inbound16 session: “3 Strategies to Explode Your Growth through Referrals and Introductions” (Thursday, 1 PM)

Why I’m attending: "Referrals and introductions are invaluable in our business, and I’m excited to explore how to increase those opportunities and really leverage our loyal customers."  

While we’re there, we’ll be Tweeting, and sharing on LinkedIn and Facebook, so be sure to check it out.

We're also excited to announce that LeadG2 Managing Partner Matt Sunshine will be speaking at INBOUND 2016!

CSS_Matt_1-13.jpgOur very own Matt Sunshine will be presenting a workshop titled “How to Find and Keep the Best Sales Reps!” In his session, attendees will hear insider tips on where to find their next superstar seller, and learn how to build and maintain a strong talent bank so they are never left short-handed. They'll be given expert advice on how to think beyond their candidates' resumes to truly understand potential for performance, and they'll learn the specific behaviors that are scientifically proven to lead to B2B sales success.

If you’re going to be at INBOUND 2016, let us know! We’d love to connect!

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