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7 Types of Content and 4 Brain Boosts Staffing Firms & Recruiters Need for Sales



Are You Prepared to Close More Business Like Crazy in 2017? 

When you get a query from a prospect in 2017 about having your staffing agency or recruiting firm offer a candidate for consideration, how prepared are you to turn that phone call (or email) into a new account, and how fast can you make that happen?

When you get that query, your customer or prospect has reached the point in the buyer’s journey where it makes sense to engage a firm like yours to solve their problem as quickly, efficiently, and professionally as possible. You need to be able to hop on that inquiry in no time flat, with proof that you’re the right firm for the order.

Here are a few tools you might not to have at your disposal to make that a reality.

7 Types of Content that Will Help You Close Deals Like Crazy

One of the best things you can do with your budget for 2017 is to get a solid base of “bottom-of-the-funnel” content ready to share. At this point, our goal is not to educate about solutions to their pain or issue—they know they need help. Our job is to convince them to hire us!

That means it’s time to showcase your firm’s processes, skills, experience, and expertise using the following types of content. 

  1. Customizable proposal template(s)
  2. Email templates
  3. FAQ sheet
  4. Firm spec sheet
  5. Service descriptions for each service you provide (sell sheet)
  6. References
  7. Testimonial statements

Brain Boosts

If you want to close more sales faster for your staffing agency or recruiting firm, it's not enough to just have sales collateral, regardless of how clever or visually appealing that sell sheet or case study may be. You also need to be prepared with insights and observations about the firm making the inquiry, and to have the skills and training to close the deal.

We call these brain boosts, and here are four of them for your consideration:

  1. Competitive Differentiators

You need to able be able to tell your prospects and accounts how your firm is tangibly different from your competitors. That means doing some research, perhaps even conducting a survey, to get to the heart of why your firm is different and why that difference is meaningful. Don’t fall into the trap of using meaningless superlatives.

  1. Trail of Prospect’s Digital Interactions (i.e. CRM Timeline)

Another piece of knowledge you’ll want to have at the bottom of the sales funnel is an overview of how, when, and where a prospect has interacted with your firm on your website. That means having a CRM and processes for recoding interactions, whether done automatically or manually. Think about the insights you’ll have if you know what pages your prospects have viewed, or the blog posts that they spent time reading, or the offers they’ve requested. If you don’t have CRM or aren’t happy with the one you do have, HubSpot offers a free CRM that you can learn more about here.

  1. Response Talk Track to Overcome Common Objections

Your sales team needs to be armed with intelligent, realistic, and practiced responses to prospect objections. For example, what do they have prepared in response to, "We’ve always worked with that firm and don’t have a reason to change”? Sit down with the team to write a list of objectives; then, brainstorm responses that can be put into a script. 

  1. Sales Coaching/Training

Your sales team need to know more than what to sell – they need to know HOW to sell, and that means they may very well need sales training and coaching. This step could deliver the greatest ROI of any investment you’re making in business development. The Center for Sales Strategy has an excellent online course called "How Selling – Change the Conversation" that you can learn more about here

Getting Help with Your Firm’s Bottom of the Funnel Efforts

It’s pretty simple to determine if you need help at the bottom of the sales funnel. Just answer these two questions:

  1. What’s your close rate?
  2. Do you want your close rate to be higher?

Getting professional help to bump your close rate up may be the best way to getting the biggest bang for your buck out of your investment in new business and your staffing agency marketing. LeadG2 can help, and we invite you to learn more about us here.

As this will be our last blog post for 2016, we wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year, and it’s our wish that that all of your expectations for 2017 come true!

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