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5 Tips to Improve the Close Rate of Your PEO's Sales Team

Maryanne McWhirter

 5 Tips to Improve the Success Rate of Your PEO’s Sales Team

PEO sales provides a fruitful career path for the professional willing to put in the work. So, why are the close rates just not consistently there? 

If you’re finding yourself asking questions like, “Did I hire the wrong person, or are Professional Employer Organizations’ products too complicated to sell?” Then you’re asking the wrong questions! What you should be asking is, “How can I improve my sales team’s close rate?” Below are five answers for ways you can help your sales team close new business.

Marketing Infrastructure Checklist5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Team’s Success

1. Create Educational Content for Prospects

Equip your sales team with marketing resources and content to build trust in the sales process. NAPEO creates useful marketing resources for PEO companies to utilize; however, these resources won’t help you stand out from the competition. Create a large variety of specific resources and content pieces that will help your salespeople in different sales situations and speak to prospects at stages of the buying journey and with different needs and pain points.

2. Invest in a Website That Produces Sales Qualified Leads

What’s the point of having a website if you aren’t generating business from it? Use your website to guide prospects through their buyer’s journey with your PEO. Be strategic about where and what CTAs you place and how you’re engaging them. Make sure your website is not just acting as a digital pamphlet but as a lead qualifying asset.

3. Teach Your Sales Team to Utilize Social Selling

Social selling is not just for the business-to-consumer (B2C) world. Social platforms are a place for your salespeople to connect and communicate with their prospects and to prove themselves a thought leader in your industry.

Building trust through free social platforms is a key way to engage with prospects. Having your sales team active on social media is also a great opportunity to humanize the idea of a PEO and your company’s brand.

4. Create Case Studies From Happy Clients

Use your biggest success stories to sell for you! The co-employment model can have a long sales process and involves a lot of trust. Prospects need to see how other companies like them have thrived and grown from working with you. Using a client’s success to tell a story and pointing to specifics of ROI will help prospects see what is possible for them. A case study story can be told via videos or one-sheets to help prospects feel more comfortable with the idea of working with you. 

5. Increase Productivity by Using a CRM

Organizing and segmenting contacts with a CRM will help scale your sales process. One centralized database for your sales team to input information and be reminded to follow up with prospects is key to their success. Additionally, investing in using a CRM allows you to track your sales people’s deals and use the data for accurate forecasting. Giving your sales team the sales enablement tools they need to speed up and strengthen their sales process is crucial to their success.

Are your sellers equipped with the resources they need to stand out from the competition? If not, it’s time to invest in a CRM and a website that produces sales qualified leads. It’s also time to empower your sales team to utilize social selling and teach them how to create case studies. All of these tips provide value—and while some may take more time than others to fully implement, if you invest in them, your sales team will thank you!grow your peo company - ebook

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Maryanne McWhirter

Maryanne is a Senior Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant for LeadG2. She is energized by problem-solving and implementing new strategies to drive results for her clients. Maryanne lives with her husband, two young children, and two dogs in Nashville, Tennessee.

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