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3 Tips for Helping Ensure Salespeople Have the Right Content to Use at the Right Time [VIDEO]

3 Tips for Helping Ensure Salespeople Have the Right Content to Use at the Right Time [VIDEO]
Dani Buckley
3 Tips for Helping Ensure Salespeople Have the Right Content to Use at the Right Time [VIDEO]

A productive, successful sales conversation must convey immediate and contextual relevance and value to both parties for it to continue. For modern buyers, it’s vital they receive the right information at the right time in order to continue confidently through their own buying journey.

For B2B salespeople, finding a way to cut through the noise, and deliver that expected timely engagement with the right level of insight, is the answer to driving new business.

To do so, salespeople require access to the right resources and an understanding of when and how to use them. Having the correct mix of supporting content is essential to build trust and help accelerate conversations through the sales process.


3 Ways to Help Salespeople Leverage Content

The Sales Enablement Game ChecklistAt LeadG2,  our mission is to help organizations sell smarter and sell faster. We’re commonly asked, “What are some of the sales enablement best practices for helping ensure salespeople have the right content to use at the right time?”

And here are the top three answers we give them:

1. Properly Organize Sales Resources

Do you have a file management system in place? Whether it’s the Google Drive, SharePoint, or your own Intranet – it’s critical that your salespeople know where to find things, and that they're organized well and clearly labeled.

Make sure you have a system where old stuff is deleted, moved out, or put into a separate folder, and that salespeople know where the most up-to-date items can be found. As simple as this seems, many organizations miss this crucial first step of getting organized and cleaning things up. And instead, salespeople are storing and using outdated files on their desktop - which is a big no-no. 

2. Have a Sales Playbook

The sales plays within a sales playbook  outline the many different sales scenarios that your salespeople will encounter throughout their day/week. For example, they’ll find certain objections and how to handle them, and certain stages in the sales process, and what they’re supposed to do or say next.

Sales plays should very clearly outline the situation at hand, who the audience is, and what your salesperson should do or send - the right content at the right time.

It should also include links:

  • When a prospect says, “XYZ,” you can send this document.

  • When XYZ happens, you can send this document.

Sales playbooks take the best thinking of your entire sales team, including leadership, and put it into sales plays that are easy to follow and access.Download a FREE Example Sales Play

3. Utilize Technology

Use sales enablement technology to your advantage and make these pieces of content (one-sheets, links to blog posts, email templates, case studies, videos, and more) accessible with a click of a button.

The content should automatically be in your salespeople’s inbox. For example, when they send an email from Outlook, they should be able to click a button and have a document in their email. They should not have to go find it!

Using the Right Content at The Right Time

With the proper organization of files, sales playbooks, and using technology to your advantage, it’s possible for your salespeople to deliver valuable and resonant content to the right people at the right time.

When done consistently, this activity helps sales teams to build trust because a thought leader in their industry – resulting in an accelerated sales cycle and higher quality, better-educated prospects and customers.

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Dani Buckley

Dani is the VP/General Manager at LeadG2. She has a diverse background in both advertising sales and marketing consulting that helps her address the varying needs of our diverse client base at LeadG2. She’s especially passionate about sales enablement and the many ways that marketing tactics can contribute to achieving sales goals. Dani is a writer, speaker, facilitator, camper van enthusiast, and personal development junkie. She currently lives in Northern California.

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