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How to Determine if the HubSpot CRM is Right for Your Sales Organization

Posted by Dean Moothart

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February 20, 2018

crm software for sales organizationCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been one of the fastest-growing business application segments for the last several years. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from. They include large enterprise solutions from companies that spend millions on marketing and product development, as well as small niche players that focus on supporting the unique requirements of specific industries. Some of them get good reviews and other not so much. 

Don’t pick a solution based on who your brother-in-law is using or who comes up first on a Google search. Selecting a CRM tool for your organization can either “grease the skids” to revenue growth or be one more obstacle that your sales team needs to deal with. I’ve been in Sales for longer than I care to admit, and I’ve used at least 7 different CRM tools over the course of my career. My favorite by far is the one I’m using today – HubSpot. But how do you know if HubSpot is right for your organization? Well, if you fall into one or more of the categories below, then HubSpot is probably a safe bet.     

Your organization has never had a CRM. 

If you’ve never had a CRM, then you’re probably really tired of managing your Sales operation with spreadsheets and sticky notes. You don’t need a lot of “bells and whistles”. You need simplicity and effectiveness. HubSpot CRM delivers both.    

You have a CRM that the sales team doesn’t use.

Conventional wisdom says the salespeople hate CRM tools. This may be true, but what I’ve found is that salespeople don’t hate all CRM tools, they just hate ones that are complex to learn; cumbersome to use; and make selling harder instead of easier. The problem with most CRMs is that they were designed for the Sales Manager or VP and not the everyday salesperson who’s out there making things happen. They look pretty and produce cool reports, but they require a lot of data entry and multiple screens to accomplish simple tasks. HubSpot CRM was designed from the salesperson’s perspective. HubSpot believes that a CRM should support and streamline the sales process. Too many tools require the salesperson build their process around the limitations of the tool. And that will never lead to increased productivity and performance.

You don’t have IT resources to set-up and manage a new software tool.

It’s not unusual for today’s small and medium sized businesses not to have any I.T. resources on their team. And that’s exactly who HubSpot designed their CRM software for. HubSpot CRM is a SAAS solution. This means it lives in the cloud. You don’t need any special hardware or technical expertise to set it up and get it running. It’s set-up and user interface is intuitive and extremely easy.  

You don’t have a budget for a CRM purchase. 

Finding capital for a CRM purchase may be the toughest sale you attempt to close all year. HubSpot allows you to invest that money elsewhere because it’s 100% free and always will be. There’s no contract or credit card required and you don’t have to worry about maintenance fees or renewal deadlines.  Just sign up and start working.   

It’s time to start enabling your sales people and removing their obstacles to success. Help them manage their pipelines; track customer interactions automatically; and access everything they need in one place. Don’t be paralyzed by the choices. Delaying your decision is the worst decision you can make. HubSpot makes it easy. It’s a great place to start and it’s an even better step to take if you’re ready to get more out of your CRM.

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