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Where Marketing is Heading in 2016

Posted by LeadG2

December 18, 2015


Marketing is changing faster than ever. New technology enables buyers to research purchases differently, new trends offer new opportunities, and oversaturation of platforms and tactics means marketers need to adjust. Content Marketing Institute has long been on the leading edge of inbound/content marketing, and has been tracking data and trends since 2007, and founder Joe Pulizzi just released his annual collection of predictions for what content marketing will look like in the coming year.

Here are a few predictions from the 2016 edition.

“In 2016, we will start to see content marketing skills—both creation of new ideas and curation of existing ideas—as a requirement for frontline sales roles in large enterprises, as frontline sales teams move from selling products and services to helping prospects and customers solve their business problems. Content marketing will contribute to salespeople being seen as trusted advisers.” —Alana Fisher-Chejoski

“2016 will be the year when the worlds of product-as-content and content-as-product collide. The hottest, most positive trend will be enterprises reorganizing their brand, product, marketing, sales, and customer service teams around innovation and customer experience.” —Robert Rose

“The focus will be shifting from simply creating ‘more’ content to serving the ‘right’ content; especially personalized content. We have the ability to be—and users now expect—personalized and hyper-relevant content delivered instantly to them wherever they are engaging.” —Amanda Todorovich

It’s important to pay attention to where marketing is heading in order to create the most effective strategies for your company or organization for the coming year. One of our tasks at LeadG2 is to keep our finger on the pulse of B2B marketing, so to speak, and offer our clients recommendations based on what we’re seeing. We want them to be ready for whatever comes, and be ready to take advantage of new developments.

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