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10 of Our Favorite Ways to Generate B2B Blog Post Ideas

10 of Our Favorite Ways to Generate B2B Blog Post Ideas
Amanda Meade
10 of Our Favorite Ways to Generate B2B Blog Post Ideas

If you’re using inbound marketing, coming up with blog post ideas is a constant challenge. If you’ve developed your buyer personas and have done your research, you know the general topics of interest to your audience, but what specific things should you write about?

Here are our top 10 favorites for B2B blogs that we use regularly here at LeadG2:

How understanding your target person affects your bottom line1. Use BuzzSumo

Use BuzzSumo or similar software to show you what topics are popular in your niche. BuzzSumo will tell you what blog posts are getting the most shares and highest rankings, and you can check out what topics your competitors are writing about as well.

2. Utilize a Blog Title Generator

Use Impact’s Blog Title Generator or HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator to take a general post idea and turn it into something specific and actionable. It actually spits out titles that you can plug your own content into — and you’re off and running.

3. Discuss a Quote That Speaks to You

There are so many great business quotes out there that would make excellent thought leadership posts. Simply Google “business quotes," "motivational quotes," or quotes in your niche for unlimited ideas. Or create a post based on a newly-discovered statistic.

4. Try Something New, Then Blog About It

About to run your first webinar? Have you written a new case study? Have you just finished an A/B test with impressive results? Write about it!

5. Interview a Thought Leader in Your Clients’ Industry

Who do your clients look to as a leader in their industry? This could be a thought leader, influencer, or one of your own clients experiencing growth. Arrange an interview or a Q&A and write a post based on their thoughts. (This is also a great idea because the interviewee will be motivated to share your post with his or her own network!)

6. Write a Top 10 Post Like This One

People are always looking for new ideas and new tactics. You’ll be viewed as a valuable resource if you can provide this type of help.

7. Create a List of Common Mistakes Prospects Make, And How to Solve Them

If you see recurring problems being made by those who contact you, write about those mistakes and explain how to avoid them. People are psychologically motivated to avoid failure.

8. Write About Misconceptions in Your Industry

Maybe prospects think they can’t afford to address a problem that’s costing them significantly more. Maybe they think doing nothing isn’t a big deal. This type of post can make excellent use of stats to demonstrate truths that aren’t typically considered.

9. Take One of Your Popular eBooks and Create a Series of Posts Based Off Of It

If you already know a particular subject is of interest to your audience, capitalize on it!

10. Write a Post With Your Thoughts on a News Item or Hot Topic

Has a significant event or change occurred in your industry? Has a new study been released? Respond with your own perspective to demonstrate thought leadership.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. When you get the brainstorming going, you’ll likely come up with several ideas for each of these ten topic generators.

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*Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in 2017 and has since been updated.

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