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Why We Rock

To do inbound marketing well, it takes a team. Here is the awesome line-up we have assembled to help clients meet their goals! 

Here at LeadG2, we understand the importance of effectively attracting the right visitors and converting them into leads. We live and breathe the art of unforgettable content. We’ve mastered SEO and social media campaigns. 


We’re a sales performance company that happens to know a whole lot about marketing, and our team is made up of over 485 years of combined sales expertise and a unique company culture… making us unlike any other inbound marketing agency out there. 


Matt Sunshine Leadg2

Matt Sunshine

Managing Partner

I'm a family man! I am happily married (for more than 20 years) to my college girlfriend, Beth, and we have twin daughters, Allie and Emily, who are attending the University of Missouri.

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Dani Buckley Leadg2

Dani Buckley

General Manager

Teaching and learning are both life-long passions of mine, and I do my best to hand select the information my clients need in order to succeed and save them time. 

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Shaye Smith

Marketing Manager

I love people, hard work and fun. Mix the three, and it makes for a great combo to apply to all areas of my life including my job. If you love what you do, is it really work?

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Dean Moothart LeadG2

Dean Moothart

Director, Client Solutions

My focus has always been helping companies improve the alignment of their Sales and Marketing teams by helping speak the same language, share common goals ...

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ashley tavenner leadg2

Ashley Tavenner

Inbound Sales and Marketing Consultant

With years of experience as a B2B Sales & Marketing Representative, I learned first-hand the struggles faced with traditional sales and marketing efforts. Now as a Sales & Marketing Consultant, HubSpot Certified in Inbound Sales, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing, I have found a better and more strategic approach to Sales and Marketing and I’ve never looked back. My passion for all things Sales and Marketing is only matched by my desire to help others.

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Maryanne Mcwhirter Leadg2

Maryanne McWhirter

Inbound Sales and Marketing Consultant

I am a driven professional who finds joy in creating a strategic approach to marketing and sales. I bring my intentionality and passion to both my work and my personal life.

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Latoya Torrance LeadG2

Latoya Torrance

Content Strategist

I wake up every day hoping to make a positive impact in some small or large way. I apply that energy to all areas of life, including my job, and it pushes me to bring my best each and every day.

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Hannah Asprodites

Hannah Asprodites

Inbound Marketing Specialist

I firmly believe that when you put your whole heart into something, you cannot fail. Every day I am learning and growing; while, of course, enjoying all that life has to offer along the way.

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Alina McComas Leadg2

Alina McComas

VP/Senior Sales Consultant

Problem-solving and teaching are part of my core. I love helping my clients grow their sales through the development of customized strategy plans, training, and coaching.

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andy adams leadg2

Andy Adams

Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

I love to problem solve conceptually and visually for our clients and our team. I enjoy working with a team that is not afraid to work hard and go the extra mile for our clients.

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The Center for Sales Strategy

The Center for Sales Strategy

Don't forget that LeadG2 is a part of The Center for Sales Strategy and has been helping companies ...

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