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Who We


Some industries we specialize in serving include...


(TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Agencies)

We've been helping media sales organizations create and implement lead generation initiatives since our very first client. We know this industry inside and out and are passionate about supporting media companies with their B2B marketing and sales initiatives.   

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Trust-Building Questions to Ask in the Workplace

PEO Companies

We love helping PEO companies grow! Our team understands the unique challenges that PEO companies face in educating prospects and building trust and credibility early on. We strategically build content strategies for our PEO clients that drive leads and real ROI. 

Resources Created to Help You Grow Your PEO Company:


grow your peo company - ebook


Staffing Firms

Our deep understanding of the staffing industry including the complex challenges and opportunities they face, we've been able to achieve great results with our staffing clients whether they're looking to attract new clients, better candidates, or both!   

Staffing Industry Resources to Help Boost Your Marketing and Sales: 

Download Guide to Staffing Agency Marketing

COVID-19 Impact on Q2 and How to Move Forward

Other B2B & Professional Service Companies

We work with sales organizations of all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is a desire to grow. The diverse client base we have spans across the many fields in the B2B and professional service space, and beyond.

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Don't just take it from us.
Here's what our clients have to say:

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"Using HubSpot and working with LeadG2 has been incredibly helpful for our sales team. It’s made our sellers much more productive and focused because it's allowed them to stay organized with everything they have going on in their sales funnel. They know what to do and when to do it, and are able to determine timing so much better now with prospects."

Learn how LeadG2 helped drive over $500,000 in new business in 18 months.

Carrie Berkbuegler | Director of Sales | Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group

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"LeadG2 has helped us take our content strategy and refine it so we can attract the right leads, at the right time, distributed to the right sales partners, so we can increase our sales and our marketing share."

Watch how LeadG2 helped generate over 2700 new leads in the first year.

Sandra Pearce | Marketing Manager | MrSteam

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"LeadG2 has been a fantastic investment! Over the past 2 years or so, we've seen our organic traffic increase and for our targeted keywords we're ranked in the top 10 results. Dani and her team are professional, responsive, resourceful, and incredibly helpful. LeadG2 is a strategic partner that I value immensely, and appreciate their perspective and ideas on how we can meet our goals."

Kristen Mozian | Marketing Manager | PCC CLIMB

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"Working with LeadG2 and CSS to develop our custom sales playbook helped give a different perspective on our sales approach and in turn, pointed out some gaps and places for improvements. Alina from CSS helped guide us through those changes and improved our pitch and sales process overall. We are forecasted to double our membership sales this year!"

Colleen Shields | Senior Manager, Business Operations & Membership Sales | IAB TECH LAB

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"LeadG2 has been a pleasure to work with. The team I work with is amazing – they take the time to understand our needs and our business, and consistently deliver on projects and come up with innovative and creative solutions. I genuinely enjoy working with this team! "

Andrea Morin | Director of Marketing | VISTA Staffing Solutions

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"Finding leads shouldn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With inbound marketing, the leads come to you. You’ll create content that helps your clients and prospects—making you a true resource for information that your clients want and need. The team at LeadG2 is top notch; they’ll hold your hand through the planning and execution of your campaign, and they’ll even make it enjoyable! You’ll be more productive, you’ll make more sales, and you’ll enjoy the process."

Karyn Bak | Sales Manager | Inside Radio

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"The Sales Plays are built to be a guide and playbook to help you and your sales teammates prospect and connect with new and existing clients to deliver client results and drive an increase in revenue. The quarterly sales plays feature powerful success stories, valuable category insights, vertical media and business acumen strategies, go-to-market ready VBRs, etc. to help you WIN in a selected vertical."

Matt Ginn | Director of Enterprise | TEGNA

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"LeadG2 has helped our company with building our inbound lead strategies along with developing a comprehensive B2B marketing plan for our company. As we continue with this project our company is excited with how this will transform our sales organization and the way we conduct business, and Dani with LeadG2 has been key in providing ideas and putting them into practice."

Matt Sandberg | Director of Marketing and Innovation | Swift Communications

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