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Weekly Roundup: CRM and Marketing Automation, Emotional Marketing + More

 CRM and Marketing Automation, Emotional Marketing
Amanda Meade
 CRM and Marketing Automation, Emotional Marketing


Marketing Automation

LeadG2's Weekly Roundup features some of the top sales and marketing blog posts, articles, and resources we've recently found online. We've compiled some of our weekly favorites to help you advance in your career and build top marketing and sales teams. If we missed an article that you feel should be featured, let us know!

Featured Article

After you’ve been in your area of business for a few years, you’ve got some experience under your belt, and you find yourself offering knowledge to those in your close circle, it’s only natural to begin thinking about how you can expand your reach.

One of the most influential roles in the digital age is that of a thought leader. With all the information we could ever need at our fingertips, only a click away, it’s natural that there are specific people and outlets that we gravitate towards and keep up with.

Now the question is, how do you become one of those people? You build your thought leadership strategy. >>> READ MORE

More Sales and Marketing Articles Found Online This Week

4 Ways Anchor Links Can Improve You Unbounce

Ever find yourself scrolling through a page, wishing you could get somewhere a little quicker? Sure, headings help when it comes to finding something particular on a page. But sometimes, a shortcut would be nice to get straight to your destination.

That’s where a simple, tiny tool like an anchor link comes in handy. An anchor link lets a visitor jump between sections of a page. This subtle design technique boosts the overall user experience by guiding visitors along, ensuring they see the most important elements your page has to offer. Not only that, but anchor links can also help nudge your visitors along in the conversion process. >>>READ MORE

Why CRM and Marketing Automation Need Each Other HubSpot

Turning prospects into loyal customers is a multi-step process requiring the combined efforts of cross-functional teams. Thankfully, there are different types of technologies available to make the task more organized and easy — like customer relationship management software (CRM) and marketing automation.

But it's not just about how much easier it makes your job. When the two software work together, it can become a more streamlined process that can potentially convert more prospects into qualified leads quicker and more effectively.

And more businesses are seeing the value in integrating the two. In fact, 52% of marketers prioritize implementing marketing automation platforms that can integrate into other solutions to enhance their marketing efforts.

In this post, we'll review what marketing automation and CRM software do, and why they need each other to better help your business. >>>READ MORE

Emotional Marketing: How to Connect With Your B2B Audience – Wistia

Think of a compelling advertisement — one that has stuck with you for years. One that came to our minds was the NFL ad from the 2018 Super Bowl, in which Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. recreate the famous scene from Dirty Dancing.

Promotions that make customers feel something aren’t just entertaining — they can boost your brand’s bottom line. When you spark the right emotion in viewers, they’re more likely to engage with your brand and possibly even make a purchase. Research has shown that 70% of emotionally engaged customers spend more on brands they are loyal to. >>>READ MORE

How Does Social Selling Fit Into the Sales Process? – The Center for Sales Strategy

While the dreaded days of cold calling may be over in the marketing world, it could be said that it merely switched mediums — from the telephone to chat apps. If your idea of 'B2B marketing' is sending unsolicited DMs, is that really any different from cold calling?

While cold outreach on social media is a popular technique in our modern world, it's not exactly the most productive, nor the most fruitful. As mentioned above, it's really just cold calling in a new medium, and while your salespeople don't have to deal with slammed phones, that doesn't make it any more viable as a sales technique.

Social selling is a modern approach to marketing that's built around existing relationships, and as such, it works much better. In this article, we’re going to explore the concept of social selling, how it fits into the sales process, and how you can leverage this sales technique to help your business thrive. >>>READ MORE


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