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INBOUND 2020: Hubspot Product Updates

hubspot product updates sales hub enterprise
Shaye Smith
hubspot product updates sales hub enterprise

"In 2020, you've inspired us with your adaptability and innovation. That's why this year's HubSpot product updates are designed to add power to our already easy-to-use software, so you can adapt to whatever comes your way." -HubSpot

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we value the fact that they are always looking out for the best interest of their users through innovation, user experience, and design. Each year at the INBOUND conference, HubSpot announces product updates, and we're sharing a few that stood out below.


New Content Management Software


You need more than a website. You need an online experience for your prospects and visitors. This new CMS allows developers to build using flexible themes and content structures, allows marketers to easily edit and create pages on their own, and allows prospects and customers to get a personalized experience. Win-win all around! READ MORE.


Marketing Contacts: Scalable Pricing for Marketing Hub


To summarize in one sentence, "Only pay for the contacts that count!" No longer do bounces, unsubscribes, sales contacts, partners, or one-off customer success tickets count towards marketing contacts. Now, you can have free storage up to one million non-marketing contacts, and take advantage of scalable pricing for marketing-specific contacts. READ MORE.


New Features for CRM-Powered Marketing


Hubspot's Marketing Hub now allows for CRM-powered marketing across automation, email, behavioral triggers, segmentation, and more. It opens the door to the data necessary to personalize your marketing efforts. READ MORE.


The All-New Sales Hub Enterprisehubspot sales hub enterprise graphic


Need a powerful software to pair with a unique sales process, but often find the CRMs on the market are too complicated? Sales Hub Enterprise has powerful features without the pain.


  • Custom Objects
  • Sales Analytics
  • Forecasting (BETA)
  • Sales Engagement Tools
  • Proposals (BETA)
  • Product Library
  • Advanced Permissions
  • 1:1 Video
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Live Chat
  • Calling
  • Playbooks 
  • Sales Automation
  • Access to More than 500 Integrations



Other Updates to Note

  • A More Robust Report Builder
  • All-New Service Hub Features
  • New Tools for Account-Based Marketing

To see what HubSpot and team have been up to, you can read everything that's new, as well as, everything you need to know about the product announcements at INBOUND 2020 here. Wondering what's next? Well, you can read that here, too. 

We’re proud to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner, and our leadership team has served on many boards and beta groups in the HubSpot community, as well as spoken multiple times at their annual INBOUND conference and Partner Day events. Every time they roll out updates, we get excited, and we hope you are, too! 


Looking for a Hubspot Partner?

If you're looking for a passionate HubSpot partner to help you sell smarter and faster with this software while growing your revenue, we might be the right fit. You can explore our HubSpot Services here or book a demo with a HubSpot expert. 


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