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How To Be Creative in Reaching New Customers with Your Marketing Content

How To Be Creative in Reaching New Customers with Your Marketing Content
David Robinson
How To Be Creative in Reaching New Customers with Your Marketing Content

How You Can be Creative in Reaching New Customers with Your Marketing Content

Regardless of the quality of your marketing content, if your customers don’t see it, it won’t benefit you. Making great content is only one part of the success equation, with distributing content being another core component. While ranking for keywords with SEO is a crucial purpose of blog content, it takes time to rank in searches. Taking control of how people receive your content online helps you gain traction quickly and see the benefit of your efforts. 

In this blog, we’ll go over some creative means of getting your content out in front of the most relevant people.

Reach Niche Groups on Social Media 

The internet is a massive thing, giving more people better access to information than has ever been possible. That may seem overwhelming, but really it means more people and companies can gain the attention of select groups than ever before. There’s more success to go around because you can reach your audience virtually anywhere nowadays.  

The broad expanse of the internet is comprised of smaller, deeply interconnected groups of people. Social media helps bring together people who would not interact normally, and it connects them through common interests. Your social media strategy benefits from you finding these groups and catering content specifically to them, helping show them why your products and services will help them, and developing a relationship as part of their group. 

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Share Quick Visuals to Increase Traffic 

Visuals make the internet. When casually scrolling, people are more drawn to images, infographics, and videos than written texts. Creating images or infographics, either as your content or to repurpose blogs, increases the likelihood people will see your content and makes it easily shareable. These are more likely to catch people’s attention, and they require less initial time to focus, making them more accessible.  

Infographics entice clicks, and when they’re well-designed and informative, they make for a quick reference, even among people who know the material already. They help refresh their knowledge and make a good talking point when explaining to others.  

Use Videos and Podcasts to Reach People at Any Time 

People are busy and on the go, so developing content they can watch or listen to at any time makes a product that fits their convenience. Being able to play content while they’re doing something else provides another layer of effectiveness since they can work on multiple things simultaneously.

Watching videos while writing a report or listening to a podcast while driving, or doing something mindless, like folding letters, creates more opportunities for people to consume your content, helping to share your value and helpfulness. 

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Share Content through Email 

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method that continues to grow in effectiveness as more people rely on email and as other channels become more crowded, leaving email as a continually direct way to reach customers. Letting people opt-in to receiving email, then sharing your full blogs or videos with them removes any hurdles they need to go through to encounter it. They don’t have to stumble upon it on social media, where you hope your timing, their timing, and the social media algorithms align to present someone with your content. And they don’t have to make a conscious effort to visit your site to find anything new.  

While the channel itself isn’t anything new, you can approach it creatively to draw in followers and improve your performance. Best practices indicate you want to increase the open rate and decrease the bounce rate. Taking time to focus on making quality subject lines and experimenting to improve them and get them to match your customer's interests is the way to get ahead. Playing around with your email layout design to entice and guide people to helpful information will also increase its effectiveness. 

Distributing Content is Essential to Company Growth 

Whether you make blogs, videos, or infographics, distribution is crucial to getting your content out there. It puts you in control of getting your marketing materials in front of the people most interested in what you’re offering. Having that control is incredibly beneficial, as it lets you establish direct channels to grow your business while building customer relationships.  

As you expand your distribution, you’ll learn more about your customers, which you can use to reach them more directly and provide content that interests them. Being creative and tapping into the people behind these communication channels builds a better, stronger company. 

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