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3 Ways to Promote Individual Posts on Your Company Blog


3_Ways_to_Promote_Individual_Posts_on_Your_Company_Blog_Last week, we discussed how to promote your blog as a whole, but interestingly enough, the methods are decidedly different when it comes to promoting individual posts. Here are three ways to promote individual posts on your company blog, when they come out. 

1. Social Media

Yes, we mentioned social media as a way to promote your blog just a moment ago but it’s so important to mention that you want to promote every blog post on social media that we listed it again. Each blog post can be posted multiple times to the same social network over the span of a few weeks. A few ideas on how to keep the same blog post fresh is to a) use images that are representative of the content of the blog b) change the text in each post so each message is unique even though using the same blog post and c) mention other companies when relevant.

2. Blog Subscribers

Growing your base of blog subscribers should be a priority for any inbound program. Being able to send an email each time you publish a blog can be a very powerful tool and is a great way to get your leads back to your site.

3. Sponsored Posts

Taking care of your blog can sometimes mean spending a few dollars on paid ads to increase your traffic, leads and following. Let’s face it... your 15 Facebook fans are not going to bring you many leads. However, once you reach a certain critical mass on Facebook and other social media platforms, like 1,000 likes, you can then see a natural, organic growth that accelerates with less effort. The great thing about most of these ads is that they can be targeted by specific criteria such as city, state, interests, gender and age. These ads can be very targeted which can not only save you money but also increase leads.

If you have time, money and staff to implement an inbound marketing program, once you get past the first year of implementation and development, you should start to see more results with less effort. One of the reasons for this is that as you publish new content to your website you are building up your content library and giving Google more content to index and more ways for prospects to find you. After your website gets found by Google and prospects alike, you will start to see an increase in organic traffic every month, and if you are like some of our clients will rise to the top of the search results and capture highly qualified search traffic.


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