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3 Types of Sales Enablement Content that Every Sales Organization Needs [VIDEO]

Posted by Dani Buckley

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April 5, 2019

Sales enablement is the technology, strategy, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell smarter and faster. Our high-paid salespeople should be spending the majority of their time having quality appointments with potential buyers and presenting solutions, NOT trying to figure out what they're going to say and do next, having to wait on managers for coaching, or creating/finding the right content and resources to share in any given scenario. Salespeople in 2019 should be efficient and smart - so they can work smarter and faster, but also so the buying experience can be better and easier.   

It's our belief that every single successful sales organization needs sales enablement content, and today I'm sharing three types of sales enablement content that every sales team needs. 


1. TOFU Resources

First, is top-of-the-funnel (TOFU), educational resources. This is the more introductory and in-depth content and resources that are really tactical and approachable. Examples of this are ebooks, checklists, white papers, and all of the things that might answer questions your prospects have and helps them better understand the problems and challenges they face, as well as what possible solutions might be. 

2. Case Studies

The second type of content you need is case studies. This is a given, but most sales organizations don't have updated case studies that can be easily found and used. It's important but often overlooked. I'm here to tell you this could be the single most important resource you create - your salespeople can't be competitive in the space (no matter what industry you're in) if they don't have any proof to show potential customers of the kind of success you can deliver. Ideally, you'll build out an arsenal of case studies (in different formats - PDFs and videos) that cover the top industries you work with and the top solutions/services you provide. 

3. Video

We all know video is important and you're likely hearing the plethora of stats on how video greatly enhances any marketing or sales strategy. But are you actually creating video that can be used in the sales process? People love video, and they are watching video. People often remember things more that they see on video and are likely to share a video. Whether it's video case studies or videos that explain what you do and showcase your products or services, coming up with different types of videos (both professionally and casual/in-house), video should be part of your sales enablement strategy. This especially includes the use of 1:1 personalized video in the sales process. 

Want to learn more about sales enablement and see how your organization currently stacks up? Take this quiz to identify where you're excelling and what opportunities or gaps lie in your sales enablement strategy. 

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