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Target Personas

It's hard to reach your prospective clients when you don't know who they are or what they care about. 

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Having an accurate understanding of your target persona is vital to the success of your inbound marketing efforts. The better you know your prospects and customers, the better you can generate content that addresses their needs and questions. We help you do just that. No more guessing when it comes to whom you’re trying to reach.

Sometimes, in planning meetings with new clients, we ask questions that we think are pretty basic, and the client has a hard time answering. They simply don't know who is in their audience. A better understanding of your target persona (audience) leads to more targeted blog posts, whitepapers, and social media accounts. 

Because determining your audience and target persona is so important, we have marketing professionals on staff that come from research backgrounds and understand the right questions to ask and how to extrapolate this data into actionable information. 



How We Determine Your Target Persona 

We have a customized system that we use to research and better understand your persona in order to create content that your audience really cares about and wants to engage with. 


Question Development

Customized questions will be developed for internal team and customers.


Email Creation

Professionally written emails will be written for your audience.


Email Distribution

Trackable emails will be sent with survey links and appropriate response deadlines.


Customer Interviews

Individual interviews with 3-5 customers via phone; 30 minutes each.


Analysis of Results

To identify key themes among answers and compile responses.


Finalized Document

Showcasing your target personas with detailed outline, name, and photo.

Get Started With Your Own Target Persona Report

Take 30 Minutes and Learn How a Target Persona Can Improve Your Inbound Marketing!  

As one of the only inbound marketing agencies with a foundation in sales training and sales performance, we understand how to help companies generate leads and sales using inbound marketing. 

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