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Why We Rock

To do inbound marketing well, it takes a team. Here is the awesome line-up we have assembled to help clients meet their goals! 

Here at LeadG2, we understand the importance of effectively attracting the right visitors and converting them into leads. We live and breathe the art of unforgettable content. We’ve mastered SEO and social media campaigns. 

But we’re different than the rest… 

We’re a sales performance company that happens to know a whole lot about marketing. 

Our team is made up of over 485 years of combined sales expertise… making us unlike any other inbound marketing agency out there. 



Matt Sunshine

Managing Partner

I'm a family man! I am happily married (for more than 20 years) to my college girlfriend, Beth, and we have twin daughters, Allie and Emily, who are attending the University of Missouri.

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Alan Vitberg

Executive Director, Professional Services Team

oversee the LeadG2 Team responsible for development, design and management of inbound marketing strategies and programs for professional services firms ...

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Dani Buckley

General Manager

Teaching and learning are both life-long passions of mine, and I do my best to hand select the information my clients need in order to succeed and save them time. 

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Brian Hasenbauer

Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant

My experience as a Senior Financial Analyst has been valuable in helping me understand the entire business picture which contributes to my client's succeses. 

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Shannon Delmarle

Inbound Marketing Consultant

I am a B2B marketing specialist with strong inbound marketing, website design, and client management skills. I pride myself on the meaningful relationships I have developed with each of my clients. 

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Laura MacPherson

Marketing Manager

I love inbound marketing's focus on generosity and sharing expertise. When clients realize that your mission is to help them reach their goals, the conversation gets a lot more exciting.

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Dean Moothart

Director, Client Solutions

My focus has always been helping companies improve the alignment of their Sales and Marketing teams by helping speak the same language, share common goals ...

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Amber Nettles

Amber Nettles

Consultant/Inbound Marketing Specialist

My journey into inbound turned into a driving passion for creating great content and process for clients. I started in the media industry before moving to social and digital strategy, sales and marketing.

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Shaye Smith

Shaye Smith

Content Manager/Inbound Marketing Specialist

I love people, hard work and fun. Mix the three, and it makes for a great combo to apply to all areas of my life including my job. If you love what you do, is it really work?

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Kate Rosinski

Kate Rosinski

Inbound Marketing Specialist and Content Writer

As a writer, I love the idea that great content, when mixed with the right technology, strategy, and commitment, can create awesome results—and help companies truly help their client.

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The Center for Sales Strategy

The Center for Sales Strategy

Don't forget that Lead G2 is a part of one of The Center for Sales Strategy and has been helping companies ...

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