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How to Make Your Niche Marketing Program Stronger

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 11:22:18 AM

Using Inbound Marketing for Growing Your Niche Practice – 8 Key Ingredients

It’s OK to make your competition weep and groan due to all of the new business you’ll be acquiring for your niche once you install, use and commit to an inbound marketing program.

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Topics: inbound marketing, niche marketing

How a Niche Market Practice Leader Becomes a Marketing Guru

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 26, 2016 9:24:50 AM

Part of the Job Description: “Ability to Juggle 11 Marketing Balls at the Same Time”

I took the family to the circus last week and it was mighty remarkable, from the souvenirs that required me to take out a second mortgage, to the ringmaster talking about how the behavior of the elephant act mimicked the behavior of the herd in the wild.

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Topics: inbound marketing, niche marketing

Identifying 6 Marketing Diseases that Weaken Niche Practice Growth

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 22, 2016 2:06:51 PM

Niche marketing checkup - how healthy is your marketing program?

This won’t hurt a bit (heh, heh).

But it’s time for your annual marketing checkup, and the doctor is in. Whether you’re a shareholder in a boutique consulting firm, a niche practice leader in a CPA firm, or a marketing professional responsible for filling sales pipelines, it’s time to stick out your tongue and say, “…….aaaaahhhhhh.”

So let’s take a peek at what’s going on.

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Topics: inbound marketing, CPA Firm Marketing, niche marketing

Hey Gang!! Let’s Put on a Niche!!!

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 22, 2016 1:44:28 PM

The Top 10 Ways That CPA, Consulting and Professional Services Get Successful at Niche Marketing

The other day I was having breakfast with the senior partner in charge of marketing at a regional accounting firm, and we were talking about niche marketing, and how inbound marketing for CPA firms builds the top lines for niche practices.

I could see his eyes glaze over, and assuming it was not an effect of bad oatmeal, I asked him how their firm had grown their niche practices. His reply went something like this:

Well, we got some business  and then we decided to see if we could get some more”

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Topics: inbound marketing, CPA Firm Marketing, niche marketing

Niche Marketing-Top Line Growth for CPA, Law, Consulting

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 16, 2016 9:14:07 AM

Rule 5: Top Line Growth Happens at the Niche Level

To date, I’ve addressed four of the 13 new rules for marketing that are going to transform the way that CPA, law and consulting firms grow their top line. Today, Rule 5: new business action happens at the niche level, so allocate your resources appropriately.

The value of niche marketing for professional services firms is undeniable. Niche marketing allows the firm to:

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Topics: business development, CPA Firm Marketing, marketing strategies and tactics, niche marketing, Professional Services Firm Marketing, Consulting Firm Marketing

Lousy Database, Lousy Lead Generation Campaign!

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 16, 2016 8:45:28 AM

Building a Quality List for Your Next Lead Generation Campaign

One of the key issues – and maybe the biggest hassle – for CPA, consulting, insurance and financial services firms is to build and maintain their database.

I ran across this post (“B2B Marketing: Building a Quality List”) from David Kirkpatrick in the MarketingSherpa Blog that I felt extremely worthwhile and a terrific companion to my earlier blog post, "Marketing Databases: Build and Maintain Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset"

Kirkpatrick writes, "Teleprospecting, email campaigns, drip marketing, lead nurturing — all of these marketing tactics have one very important element in common. Each one begins with a list, and the quality of the data in that list has a direct influence on the success of each tactic".

Here’s a summary of the key guidance from this posting:

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Topics: business development, lead generation, CPA Firm Marketing, marketing strategies and tactics, niche marketing

How CPA and Consulting Firm Niche Marketing Programs Get Found & Heard

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 9, 2016 11:18:12 AM

If a Niche Falls in a Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

Your firm’s strategic plan likely calls for you to focus resources on one or more niche markets. That’s a sound practice, as it’s relatively easier to generate leads and build the top line by focusing on narrow markets, and building your brand and authority in those markets.

But it takes a lot more work than just pounding a stake in the ground and declaring your intentions to serve a particular niche. It takes marketing, and an important part of that effort is how you use your website, social media, and thought leadership to become the “go to” accounting or consulting firm for a particular industry, or for a particular horizontal service.

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Topics: inbound marketing, CPA Firm Marketing, marketing strategies and tactics, niche marketing, Consulting Firm Marketing

10 Tips For Avoiding Lead Generation Camp-“Pain”

Posted by Alan Vitberg

Feb 9, 2016 11:02:23 AM

Building Your Niche Practice Through Lead Generation Campaigns Done Right

Sixth in a series of posts about the transformations in CPA, insurance, law and consulting firm marketing (New Rules for Professional Services Marketing)

If your firm is looking for more ROI from their investment in marketing and business development – particularly niche marketing - you should be considering marketing strategies and tactics built around an ongoing series of lead generation campaigns, NOT camp-“pains”.

At its simplest level, a lead generation campaign consists of an offer; media tools to promote the offer; forms, processes and technology to capture information from people who want your offer; and a sales strategy to convert those people into a client.

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Topics: lead generation, marketing strategies and tactics, niche marketing

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